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By Hilda Austria


CHRISTMAS is just around the corner, but my excitement for it diminished since I got this infection in my pharynx with severe colds, that weakened my body and impaired my taste buds. How can I enjoy the celebration and all the feasts in my health condition? This made me realize how myopic our view of Christmas celebration is.

Say, how can a blind person enjoy the Christmas lights and the fireworks or any decorations? Or the Christmas songs and carols by a deaf? Or the Christmas feasts by a person with impaired taste buds? Or the gift of new pair of shoes by a person with amputated feet?

In my interview with Arch. Soc Villegas, he said the only way to celebrate Christmas is to look towards Jesus Christ, but how can this be done when He is not visible to our mortal eyes?

Let us then take a hint from the event that took place and those present during the first Christmas.

First, the three wise men or the Magi who brought presents of gold, incense and myrrh. Bible scholars said these three gifts were a representation of who Jesus is; gold for the King, incense for the Lamb of God or the sacrifice and myrrh for the High Priest.

Second, the shepherds who were told to go to Bethlehem by a great crowd of angels, and when they found the baby Jesus with his parents Mary and Joseph, spread the word on what have been told to them concerning Jesus as the Savior.

And lastly, the first Christmas depicts simplicity and not grandness since Jesus, God in nature, born in human flesh through a virgin, in a humble manger.

There were no grand lights then, except for the star that led those who sought Him. There were no exchanges of goods except that God gifted us a Savior, Jesus Christ. In return, we offer our lives in obedience to the King, Savior and High Priest.

The manger where the darling of heaven was born is a sign of humility, for us to imitate. In contrast, we often want an impressive celebration even it is beyond our means. We buy gifts for ourselves and for others to show- off or to give away.

We greet each other “Merry Christmas” without truly understanding why Christmas is supposed to be a joyous occasion.

I admit, while writing this, I feel rebuked and enlightened at the same time. The truth is, I always looked forward to Christmas for material reasons, not because of Jesus.

Well, it’s not yet too late to change. I realize now that even without a well-functioning taste bud, without the expected cash gifts/ bonuses or even when one is away from his/her loved ones, one should still praise and worship God. It’s a heartfelt “Merry Christmas” offered to us, just as the Magi worshipped God, realizing Christ has been born at last. They knew, being wise, that Jesus was born made to fulfill a mission for mankind.

Indeed, if Jesus Christ was not born for us, we are condemned to suffer eternal damnation.

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