So what?


By Oscar V. Cruz


SO what if many Filipinos wallow in poverty and misery in their own Country, expose even their lives and limbs as OFWs in the hands of cruel people, suffer from the marked incompetence of their government, serve as milking cows of their corrupt public officials?

So what if some Filipinos are seen as some kind of slaves by people from the first world countries and thereby treated with despise and disdain by certain foreigners visiting the Country who personally see children begging in the streets and adults making their living by digging into garbage piles?

So what if there are Filipinos who sell their votes to moneyed political candidates, who sell their services as housemaids to able families or who have nothing else than their own bodies to sell and make some money to support their parents, brothers and/or sisters?

Does that mean that they are lesser human beings, that they have lesser human dignity, that they have lesser inalienable rights, that they are but things to be used and exploited, and to be thrown away after they are useful no more and wherefore considered useless?

Thus comes to mind the US sailor whose ship docked in the Philippine shore who went to a place of fun and leisure, who exhibited an air of superiority, who fancied someone to use and enjoy, who brought the latter to a private room for rent precisely in order to feed his desire, to satisfy his lust.

What happened next is too gross to tell, to painful to recall. The Filipino was violated, treated as an animal, and finally, not only killed but in fact murdered with distinct contempt, scorn and insult. What will happen next depends on how Juan dela Cruz will beg and kneel down before Uncle Sam.

So come to mind that questionable VFA and the ominous EDCA. Will the Philippines continue to remain but a footstool of the USA? Will the Philippines serve but a war front defense of Uncle Sam? Will poor Filipino soldiers in effect act as but tourist guides of the affluent American soldiers?

As to the above recent Filipino victim of the sick and sickening American sailor, certain questions come to mind: So what if the victim was a transgender? Since when did a given sexuality lessen human dignity? Since when did sexual constitution lessen the worth of human life? Since when did sexual identity lessen the significance of a human person? Since when?!

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