Selling the unsellable


By Oscar V. Cruz


RECENTLY, full-page advertisements were carried by certain local broadsheets with the curious and intriguing partisan political call blatantly addressed “TO OUR COUNTRYMEN”said to be published at the instance of the so curiously called “MOVEMENT FOR REFORM AND MOMENTUM” (MORE2COME) as the ad sponsor. The members of the “MOVEMENT”are somehow named. But who are behind them supporting the same “MOVEMENT” are unnamed. And who paid for all the costly advertisements are likewise incognito. All the above-said mysteries notwithstanding, there are some three major and interesting proclamations made in the same advertisement that could merit some elementary counter observations.

  1. As of today, the most visible possible successors are in a bind… It seems that PNOY is still the BEST and ONLY SUCCESSOR”.

The truth of the matter is that given his incompetence incarnate in governance, considering all the gross graft and corrupt practices of his personal favorites plus political allies, and attending to the precarious situation he has placed the Country from within and outside thereof, anyone can be and will be a very much able and better successor compared to his ever-lessening acceptance by the people.

  1. “The most feasible way to effect a second term is through a Constituent Assembly, for Congress to propose an Amendment to the Constitution allowing re-election for an incumbent President.”

The truth of the matter is that meddling with the Constitution simply in order to give himsix more very long years to prolong his disabled administration and thus prolong as well the discontent, disgust and anger of the general public specially among the thinking Filipinos, and thus put into jeopardy even the future and welfare of the generations yet to come – such a blind vision would be a big curse to the Filipinos.

  1. “We understand that re-election is almost the greatest sacrifice PNOY can make for the country but then again, he is no stranger to sacrifice on behalf of this country. Such is the way of the ‘Matuwid na Daan’”.

The truth of the matter is that the Malacañang occupant is rather well known for his many personal liabilities that repeatedly and openly exclude sacrifice, that does not know and much less observe honest-to-goodness work ethics, and that makes “Matuwid na Daan” nothing more than a mumbo-jumbo to the amusement and scorn of those hearing it repeatedly said or invoked.

Selling the unsellable is for pitiful sellers!

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