By Oscar V. Cruz


INTRESTING! More and more modern dictionaries do not even have the word “suicide“ mentioned therein in order to somehow define or describe what it really means. More. Strange but true, even updated books on Psychiatry neither carry the term “suicide” in order to analyze the phenomenon, to proffer its cause and the like. But truth to say, suicides here and there are still taking place in the Country – more often than before. And the media outlets, big and small, carry the news. In fact, radio and TV interviews are taking place usually about the reasons for suicide.

But the truth of the matter is that even common people know what is suicide, how it is done, and even why someone does it. And those who commit suicides are counted among the old and the young, men and women, for reasons that are usually known to others – such as their relatives and friends. Yet, even but to speak of suicide is somehow already uncanny and scary as well because it is altogether against the day-to-day life of ordinary individuals. That is why rightly said, those who commit suicide are neither victims – nor culprits really.

By the way, the well-known Commandment You shall not kill.” is absolute – with no exception at all, killing oneself included. Just as no one may kill others, neither is anyone allowed to kill himself or herself. In fact, one of the most common, understandable and even automatic act of people is to protect their lives and limbs – as a matter of course. So it is that people instinctively cover their heads when something is falling, run away when danger is perceived, hide themselves in the event of gun fires – and the like.

The detestable and even horrible act of taking one’s own life is an expression of a total loss of the will to continue living on account of an extreme depression that brings about despair which is the utter loss of hope from everybody – God included! So it is that the one and only perceived solution that presents itself then and there, is suicide to end all suffering, hurts and pains, to do away with this and that big, personal hurt, misfortune and/or shame. This is why in the mind of some people, suicide is downright cowardice, which is not only false but also mean to the victim.

The truth is, rather than an act of pride or malice, suicide is usually understood as some kind of psychological malfunction – on account of unusual and severe affective pain and/or distinct psychological disorientation – whereby someone “runs away from life” that is then deemed unbearable to live and useless to suffer for. Translation: Despondency. Depression. Hopelessness.

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