Impeachment drama ended as expected 



The above-said successive realities constitute a truly disturbing and lamentable triad that is gradually pushing the main character therein to the corner – with or without him knowing it either for incompetence, hardheadedness or plain insensitivity. He blindly followed the supposedly creative agenda of his allies against the Constitution itself. He was duly censured by the Supreme Court. Now he wants to castigate the said highest judicial entity in the Country with puerile vengeance at heart plus a juvenile quest for a second term in office plus the boyish desire to have the Constitution amended.

So it is that the same figure continuously invoking his tiring and tired mantra that he consulted his “boss” which in fact is the KKK. If the pitiful man is confused and confusing, much more disturbed and suffering are the People of the Philippines.

The impeachment drama has ended as expected. It is not a secret that Impeachment is a political play, a number’s game. It is not a question of what is right but what is politically profitable. Much less is it a matter of justice but who has the greater number of duly enriched followers. Majority of the Members of the House and of the Senate are in the pocket of their Chief-in-Command. So it is that none of even a hundred and one Impeachment Complaints against such a big spender of public funds for political motives would be ever “sufficient in form and substance”. Remember the last Impeachment Case desired and designed by the same Malacañang figure? A “White Lady” was the clincher!

The concerned citizens are exasperated. So much public funds go to private pockets in the same way that so much private funds pay for so many public utilities – all of which are the incarnations of gross graft and corrupt practices. So many people suffering from want of food, shelter and clothing. So much taxes for so many things under so many reasons are paid from birth to death. So many heinous crimes committed day in and day out. So many men and women willing to expose the lives and limbs to danger just to earn a living overseas. So man women and girls become buy-and-sell materials. Marijuana, gambling, thievery have become part of life.

The oust movement formally started. This is bad news! Be it successful or a failure, it says one and the same thing: many people are tired of the present Administration. They want it out of their life. They are either well-prepared or still preparing. They go under different titles like “RAN” (Resign Aquino Now), “ARM” (Aquino Resign Movement), etc., etc. with various constituents of the civil and other societies. Irrespective of whether they succeed or not in their option, no one really knows. One thing though is certain: More and more people are tired and disgusted with the incumbent national leadership.

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