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Together, we can change the world

Johanne R. Macob

By Johanne Margarette R. Macob


THE title is a clichè…. but well, sometimes, clichès are what people need to remind them about things that (should) still matter.

Last night (May 8), despite my sleepyhead due to the other night’s tasks, I watched all the presentations of the Boy Scouts during their grand campfire ceremonies at the Lingayen beachfront. There were four groups (or subcamps) that showcased their creative take on their camp’s theme, “Scouting for the Environment”.

The first group that performed, Subcamp Mindanao, had a satirical show. It was funny but the message was clear: unity is what makes the difference. (This article’s title has been taken from this group’s number, by the way). Subcamp Visayas, the second group, had a similar major message conveyed. Through their cheers, yells, and dances around the bonfire, they asked to take part in improving the environment. This was followed by the performances of Subcamp Southern Luzon and Subcamp Northern Luzon highlighting a “no-to-tree-cutting” subject.

Watching all the performances reminded me of this cliché, “together, we can change the world”, which I hope the scouters truly grasped. One good action of a leader wouldn’t reach greatness until the rest of the community follows. In the same vein, all efforts will remain good, just good, if others won’t do their part. It should be an ‘A’ for effort from everyone.

We are living in a world full of opportunities and responsibilities. We have the environment that gives us home, living, among others. On the other hand, we have the environment to take care of, as well. Further, we have to push for different initiatives to enhance this home of ours, initiatives for the environment.

Our province has done a lot to show how much it cares for Mother Earth — different local government units have been dredging and cleaning their rivers, demolishing illegal structures, cleaning up their shorelines, sweeping their surroundings and segregating garbage, et cetera — but there’s still much to be done.. We have a lot to do, but together, the task would be easy.

For now, let’s start with our respective homes.

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