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Our Aquaculture Bounty

Johanne R. Macob

By Johanne Margarette R. Macob

SUMMER is here. I know everyone can already feel the (more) tanning days, not to mention, beaches are our great buddies again. People from all over are now planning their vacations usually filled with activities as swimming, island hopping, and even spelunking, among others.

However, in Pangasinan, summer is not only about swimming or water sports adventures. Yes, we have lots of lovable beaches, waterfalls, and islands but our summer offers more. Here, this season also means paying tribute to our aquaculture bounty. Summer allows us to remember our pride — as one community — for having been blessed with rich waters and untiring fisherfolks through festive events.

On April 4th, 3rd District town Bayambang will give credit to its fresh water fish industry through its Malangsi Fishtival. It will also try to etch history as it bids for a Guinness world record for hosting the longest grill – a total of 50,000 kilograms of freshwater fishes like tilapia in an eight-kilometer grill  – to showcase the municipality’s booming aquaculture.

Another festivity which has already made its way to the Guinness pages is the famous Bangus Festival in Dagupan City, the acclaimed Bangus Capital of the World. It’s main event on April 30 will be the grilling of some10,000 kilograms over a three-kilometer long (milkfish) route. Another activity will also feature different ways to cook the Pangasinan favorite.

Aside from these grilling feasts, the province will also summer-party to the tune of the Pista’y Dayat (festival of the sea), yet another Pangasinan way to honor the aquaculture bounty. We will have beach activities from April to May although we have started doing it as early as January when 2nd District town Binmaley had its Sigay Festival.

Clearly, our province has a lot of reasons to celebrate the ever-growing aquaculture industry, the industry — next to agriculture — which has been helping make Pangasinan the best province in the country. Thanks to the fishermen and to the initiatives of government — the removal of structures as fish pens and fish cages from the river system – that led to the improvement in the quality of our water. I believe Pangasinan will remain as one of the top producers of aquaculture products –  and that’s something we can be proud of.

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