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Small is big


By Johanne Margarette R. Macob


WE will never know how truly big small things are and how big their impact can be.

Some people hate another for what seemingly are petty reasons. Some people even hurt, worse get to kill, another person for a ‘little’ misunderstanding.

On the other side of the coin, a number of relationships flourish from bits of thoughtfulness; a place gets better with pocket-sized simple actions.

This province’s chief executive was right, “the strategic steps being taken by the provincial government (should be) complemented by relevant projects and activities at the community level.”

I remember him saying during his inaugural address that the cities, municipalities, and down to the barangays must take the initiative to solve the very basic hitches in their respective territories. He enumerated problems like the lack or insufficiency of potable water, sanitary toilets, and decent shelter, widespread malnutrition, poor environmental sanitation and improper solid waste disposal, traffic management and maintenance of order, decency and cleanliness in all local government centers and offices, and public places.

If I may reiterate to the mayors, village chieftains, as well as to the district representatives: solving just these most basic problems would not only help the people in ways they need to be helped but prevent the complicated difficulties arising from these from surfacing.  Further, I hope everyone learns to forget their political agenda, tone down their arrogance and instead work together with the chief exec just like how the provincial government has consistently assured its support to the programs of the Aquino administration in spite of previous harassments that I need not mention anymore. Such ‘unity’ is necessary to further advance what has been started by the provincial government six years ago.

Besides, the election is over, the people have spoken — the small voices that when taken collectively becomes a “deciding factor”, see that, my point exactly.

On our part as constituents, we must remember to do our part. Keeping our own areas clean, saving resources and energy as much as possible, and veering away from what are morally and legally wrong: small things that help not only the province but the entirety of the world- big time.

Again, “The provincial government cannot do the job alone.” If everyone does at least a small effort and everyone — from those holding key elected positions down to the ordinary citizens — cooperates with one another, then the province, I believe, would be the country’s best, real soon.

Small details are truly big, mind us all.

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