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So Summer’s Over 


By Johanne Margarette R. Macob 

THE less than two months summer vacation is about to be over (at least for some of the members of society, the youngsters mainly).

The late bedtimes and equally late wake up times; beach visits; mall strolls; ‘reunion’ with grade school, high school, college, and even kindergarten friends (though sometimes it’s just you and him); and all the other summer vacay escapades and small-time trips… they will soon just be memories until the next editions unfold.

I was a college student not so long ago so I know too well the feeling, alongside it we sighed: “So the vacation’s just that, school again.” But hey, there’s a silver lining to that, you’ll soon have your regular allowance back, you’ll get to see your crush/es, fave instructors, and all that extra-curricular stuff. Most importantly though, you’ll be back to school… and again, you’ll get a step closer to realizing your dreams, those that matter that much, not only to you but to the people closest to your heart.

As someone who has been in what others refer to as the “real world” for some time now, I must say that students should really, really make the most out of their stay in school. You’ll miss being in the classroom, listening to lectures, reporting and reciting, reviewing for and taking exams, talking to your seatmates and mentors, everything. You’ll miss being a student once you graduate from being one as you miss being a kid when your age turns old, I swear. You will miss that simpler life. But of course, you’ll get used to the new one, in time.

Well, life is all about seasons, times, steps. So the key there, I think, is doing as much as you can to seize every season whether it’s a summer or a rainy one; make much of your time as a student, excel in the things you love, and take each event in your existence as a step towards putting up your own castle in the sky.

Indeed, summer is over but don’t be dismayed.  Let the rain pour, have fun with the rain or bring something to protect you from its drops. Seize life.

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