Playing with Fire

Implications of Pnoy’s endorsements

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


AFTER President Aquino’s “invasion” of Pangasinan, the grapevine is abuzz with intriguing analyses that his local candidates have become sure winners in the May elections.

Do you think so? We don’t think so. We say, it depends.

In a close encounter, let’s say, if the candidates are neck and neck, the endorsement gives the recipient a big plus, maybe, about 30 percent swing votes.

But in a lopsided rivalry, the endorsement will not change the equation. Let’s say an incumbent governor enjoys an 80 percent lead, mahirapan ng umabot ang kalaban, aga ontan, Manny?

So, we say, it depends.

But here’s the catch, we heard from Pnoy’s staff, he has scheduled two more Pangasinan trips, to ensure that his candidates will win.

In that case, baleg so nagawaan na Presidential endorsement… we don’t know, however, if the edge enjoyed by a candidate from the other side would still tilt farther and allow Pnoy’S bet to win eventually.

Well, that’s only our simple analysis. We could be wrong. But we factor here the President’s immense popularity, vote-getting skills and many of the positive things associated with him. Mataas pa rin ang SWS at Pulse Asia ratings da.

Let’s say, baleg so impact na Pnoy endorsement, lalo la no say iwakawak to ankakabaleg ya proyekto ya ipanagaran toi ed kandidato to. Katon, aray walad biek a partido, mantrabajo ran mao maong, aga ontan Manny?

In a close fight, very material, very meaningful ang Pnoy endorsement. It will surely spell defeat or victory for the person concerned. Manpainom kala sirin, Belen.

In the gubernatorial contest, it’s still the incumbent’s ball game . . . unless and until a very cataclysmic event happens, maybe it might change the picture.

Let’s watch for developments.

*          *          *          *

This was texted to us by a friend: “We were told Nani is in heaven these days. Ontan met ed Belen. Maksil so dating tod Dagupenos ta imporek nen Pnoy so baleg tan dakel so awiten tod Dagupan no si Belen so man mayor.”

*          *          *          *

We condole with the family of Mayor Jonas Castaneda, a cousin, who died last week at age 66.

Ogaw ni mga abay. Sangkamaonghan a too. He was pressing his family to bring him home when he felt already alright the other Friday. He died Saturday at 6 am. Many especially the poor will miss him, his naturally good nature, his kindnesses, his humility and humor, and yes, his ala Frank Sinatra songs.

He was fighting for Lingayen’s cityhood. In our speech at the PRISAA opening, we teased him to populate more his town because it’s what it lacks, population, to become a city.

Ontan labat so bilay, agagui, anytime we go, and so we should not forget to pray and be good to all men. May Jonas rest in peace in God’s kingdom.

*          *          *          *

Some broadcasters rode again. They haven’t learned a lesson or two in the use of the broadcast media to attack at will without any sense of responsibility at all, forgetting the sensitivity of their work and the big responsibility attached to it.

Ag ira abangatan ed panagtira ed air lanes.

Three of them, abusing their media privileges, maligned the honor and reputation of our school, the Lyceum Northwestern University. We have conferred with our lawyer to file libel against them.

*          *          *          *

Let’s start with our LNU management group’s statement: “We, the members of the faculty of Lyceum-Northwestern University, condemn in the strongest possible terms a vicious lie being peddled in media by a person who hides behind a cloak of anonymity, that diplomas in graduate and post-graduate studies in the university are for sale.

We stand solid and confident on our own individual names and credentials in issuing this blanket denial of the clearly fabricated allegation, hoping that our justice system can be relied upon to move fast and decisively to uncover whoever is or are behind this dastardly attempt to besmirch the reputation of L-NU, which for the past many years has been acknowledged and consistently bestowed with honors as one of the most respected institutions of learning in the country.

Over the years, L-NU has painstakingly built up a high standard in all fields of education it purveyed, and all of us are privy to the stringent measures adopted by the L-NU management to maintain and enhance this stature and public image, and we believe no amount of vilification, even that of the most devilish kind, can inflict as much as the slightest dent on the L-NU stature.

The proper legal steps have been taken accordingly and we are certain this unwarranted attack on L-NU will be duly exposed for what it is – a cheap, barbarous action that deserves public contempt.

We remain united and strong behind our university, determined to defend it unrelentingly against the evil forces that wish to destroy its name.” Dr. Catalino P. Rivera, VP for policy planning and development; Magdalena C. Jasmin, director, academic affairs; Dr. Romana O. Fabregas, director, Inst. Of Graduate & Professional studies; and Dr. Marietta B. Sorio, director, admin and finance, and Dr. Eugene M. Reyes, director, student affairs.”

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