Young Roots

Making history

By Johanne R. Macob

NINE days ago, a new chief justice (CJ) was appointed, Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. She is a UP law cum laude and valedictorian, the 169th justice of the Supreme Court (SC), and the 24th SC chief justice. And she goes down in history as the very first woman to be appointed to the highest seat in the judiciary. Now there’s fresh reason to hope.

Not so long ago, we also etched a revolutionary deed by prosecuting then CJ Renato Corona, the very first official to be ousted from office through impeachment. The people’s voice has been heard, so to say.

Within a single year, the CJ seat has already marked two historic episodes. And thus, I am looking forward to yet another milestone. We ousted an official, the President assigned a new one, and what’s next? How about the new one doing a drastic positive transformation? How about us getting satisfied with the CJ’s works? It may be putting our hopes too high, but I guess everyone of us is looking forward to that.

Our trust is again given to an official and I hope she will honor that. Furthermore, I hope we won’t need to repeat the not-so-good history, to oust an official and appoint a new one anew. Instead, I wish a good history is coming our way, courtesy of CJ Sereno and of course, the rest of us.

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