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What is the most important to give to someone?

By Jun Velasco

WE received a letter from San Francisco, California endorsing the sense of our last column article re the worsening state of Dagupan City’s fish-rich rivers.

Letter writer, J.M. laments that “our source of strength — the bangus industry —is becoming a source of weakness.”

Another voice of concurrence comes from former Development Bank of the Philippines – Dagupan Branch manager Alfredo Caguioa who, like J.M., tends a panoply of fishponds in Barangay Tapuac.

What has brought this brouhaha on our hurting bangus industry? Earlier, Alfred Dawana, also a fishpond owner, claimed that our fishermen these days could only catch some 20 per cent of the bangus they used to get from our fisheries. “The worst is yet to come with the advent of Christmas,” he said.

Bangus watchers are pushing the alarm bells contending that our rivers would be at their bleakest due to unconsumed fish-feeds in a few weeks.

To avert a worsening scenario, we repeat our suggestion for a bangus industry summit to be presided by Mayor Al Fernandez and City Agriculturist Emma Molina soonest.

* * * * *

By the way, Mayor Fernandez’s playing host to a group of subdivision officials Thursday evening at his idyllic Fishpond proved to be an excellent PR coup that made his visitors his latest fan’s club.

While the males led by Jojo Maramba busied themselves with the videoke – of course, after a yummy meal! — the ladies feasted their eyes on the place’s amenities, the dining, receiving and conference halls, the kitchen, the office, the unique design which by the way is Al’s, the vegetable garden, the man-made fishpond and almost everything around it.

On the way home, the mayor’s visitors chatted nonstop “how warm and touching the mayor receives his friends and visitors!”

Ganun pala kagaling magasikaso ng tao si meyor; idol ko,” our millionaire friend, Delia Stibler, said.

Aside from Mayor Al’s A-l hospitality, that memorable evening unveiled many revelations like the superb singing talents Councilor Farah Decano and TBBSHA prexy Jojo Maramba.

Ditto with Nonong Canicula, Siegfred Ramos, Jun Bunag, Sam Vidal who gave Tom Jones a run for his money.

* * * * *

It looks like at the Philippine National Police in Pangasinan, the year 2008 seems to be in the hands of the Versozas – PNP chief and director general, Jesus Versoza of Dasol town, and Dagupan police chief, acting chief Sonny Versoza of Lingayen.

“Why don’t you do away with the ‘acting’ on your title?” we asked Sonny, and he came out with an explanation that has confused us all the more.

When Art Lomibao was PNP top man, he single-handedly erected several spanking police headquarters all over the islands. He could have built more but time was not on his side.

With the two Versozas at the helm, realization of a new Metro Dagupan police HQ — a devout wish by Dagupan cops — may just be around the corner. Yes, just like Christmas.

We learned that the proposed police HQ will be located in Barangay Tapuac. About time.

* * * * *

We’ve been asked to reprint this column article we had plucked from a Manila Star months back.

“Life’s True Value” by Best M. de Leon.

“Remember that all things in life are temporary. If they are going well, enjoy they won’t last forever. If they go wrong, don’t worry; they won’t last long either.

A kid asked a guru what’s the most important thing to give to someone.

Guru answered, “Time, my child.”

“But why time, and not love?” the kid asked.

The guru answered, “with love, you can give that, you can have that, you can share that to anybody. But with time, you can’t stop it, nor control it.”

Because you can never bring back the time that has gone by, spend your time wisely, and cherish it while you still have it. Spend time with your loved ones, your family, your friends, coz you never know when your time is over.

A lot of us have built dreams with people we hoped would be with us forever only to wake up in the world of reality that nothing is permanent in this world.

People come and go… people stay and leave. Life is a cycle of finding and losing… of making and breaking… of living and dying… that’s how reality bites.”

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