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Jess’ hammer-bill hitting nail on its head

By Gerry Garcia

SOME thirteen years ago in 1995 our hopes and dreams to put our province in the map of international tourism started to soar when then Gov. Oscar Orbos, assessing what he had achieved in his first 100 days in government, also made the assurance that “within the year, we expect construction work to start on an airport either in Alaminos or Bani. Also on tab is a super highway that will connect the towns of Bugallon and Villasis cutting travel time throughout the 75-km road line by 45 minutes.

And “pretty soon” he added, the Northwest Luzon Economic Growth Quadrangle Commission will build an international seaport in Sual, now the site of the $1.2 billion coal-fired thermal plant.

* * * *

A decade and 3 years later after former Gov. Victor Agbayani decided to return to Congress, the 3-fold assurance of Oca O. still remained an assurance . . . and a disappointment to people expecting more.

This July, Gov. Amado T. Espino marked his first anniversary as governor of Pangasinan with the blessing of the newly refurbished Capitol building. The capitol for the first time in many years will be the official working place of all elective officials, including Governor Espino, himself. The Urduja House will remain what it was meant to be — residential house of the Governor.

Also confirmed as part of Gov. Espino’s first anniversary achievements by Provincial Administrator Raffy Baraan himself, were the repairs of 8 of the fourteen government hospitals and five demo stations of department of Agriculture.

Raffy further said the Governor’s main consideration for renovating the Capitol is not only the comfort of the officials and employees but also the satisfaction of the people of our province who are the ultimate beneficiaries of Gov. Espino’s love and labor.

* * * *

Reacting to the alarming rise in the number of people dying or injured in motorcycle-riding accidents on the road, the city council has passed a resolution seeking stricter enforcement of the law mandating use of protective helmets by motorcycle riders.

Sponsor of the resolution was new Councilor Dr. Jess Canto, retired former head of the Region 1 Medical Center in the city. Jess is the likeliest member of the SP who knows that 5 to 10 persons brought to government and private hospitals for treatment of injuries are motorcycle riders.

* * * *

Erratum: Leading head in last issue’s column should have been: Babes, tots and motorized bikes do not mix. (The term “tots” was erroneously replaced with “lots”).

And down the line in the paragraph preceeding the last were two words “dared” and “evil” which were meant to be joined as “dare-devils”.

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