City mulls stronger intervention vs. suicides

A STRONGER intervention in a bid to prevent suicides in Dagupan is being mulled by the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) after commending a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) cadet of the Lyceum Northwestern University for saving the life of a senior high school coed who jumped from the fifth floor of the school building by catching her before she could hit the pavement.

The move was suggested by Councilor Liberato Reyna IV when the SP tackled Draft Resolution No. R-5843 authored by Councilor Jose Netu Tamayo and sponsored by Councilor Joshua Bugayong (SK president) earnestly requesting the city mayor to direct the city health officer to conduct a symposium on challenges for suicides, trials and stress management to students of various universities, colleges, and schools in the city. 

Noting that suicides are not only a problem in Dagupan but also throughout the whole nation, Reyna called for a bolder approach to prevent suicides and in determining the reasons why a person in deep depression and is sad would kill himself.

Tamayo said four persons in Dagupan were already recorded to have committed suicide since May this year, that included one from Bolosan, two from Bonuan and one in Pugaro. 

Councilors Reyna and Michael Fernandez suggested that symposiums should invite and employ psychologists and psychiatrists to lecture on mental health.

Fernandez reminded universities, colleges, and schools that maintaining guidance counseling is their responsibility to their students.

Noting the importance of Tamayo’s and Bugayong’s resolution, Canto, chairman on the health committee of the SP, immediately set a committee hearing inviting resources speakers from the government and private institutions in order to lend their expertise on the subject of mental health. (Leonardo Micua)

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