Think again!

Edwin T

06 Jun 2017


Re” SP accepts Fernandez land donation

The donation of the land are not for altruistic reasons. As pointed out by Councilor Redford Erfe-Mejia. As usual when anyone donates valuable property there usually is a quid pro quo. In this case who owns the land that that will dramatically increase in value, How much more money will be generated by the traffic the city hall will generate. The City Council should rethink it vote before committing to the project. A city hall at the donated land only benefits the owners of land and businesses in the area. A city hall in Bonuan will benefit everyone. With the city hall at Bonuan the entire beach area can be revitalized and rehabilitated. If there is anything to be built in the CSI area, land should be purchased there and a much needed new jail be built there away from the city.

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