Shabu made in kitchens

Edwin T

24 Sept. 2016


Re: PDEA: No drug laboratory in Region 1

To say that there are no longer any drug labs in Pangasinan is like saying there is no drug usage in the province. Shabu is another name for methamphetamine hydrochloride. Methamphetamine hydrochloride is found in the common cold medicine sold over the counter as Pseudoephedrine, “Sudafed”. Turning Pseudoephedrine, “Sudafed,” into Shabu does not need a degree in chemistry nor does it need to be made in an elaborate lab. All the ingredients to make shabu are readily available and can be made in the kitchen. While I applaud the job that the Pangasinan Police are doing, they should not be saying there are no drug labs in Pangasinan.

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