Q & A: Obama vs. Duterte

Edwin T

19 Oct. 2016


Re: Pangasinan PNP files cases vs. 713 drug suspects

President Dutrete when asked about an International Criminal Court investigation on “extra judicial” killings said he would welcome an investigation but as President Dutrete has said “If you want to ask me question, I will also have the right to ask you questions.” I can see it now, an exchange between Obama and Dutrete.

Barock Obama questioning Rodrigo Duterte regarding alleged human rights violation.
Obama: It has been alleged that you condone the killings of drug dealers by the police.
Duterte: It has also been alleged that you condone the killing of innocent policemen by followers of Black Live Matter.
Obama: How can you say that?
Duterte: Don’t you invite them as guests to the White House?
Obama: About the killings going on in the Philippines.
Duterte: How about the killings in America, Chicago, in particular?
Obama: There have been over 1800 suspected drug dealers found dead in the Philippines
Duterte: And in your home town of Chicago there have been almost 500 killings. Those killings in Chicago are being done by common criminal, many of which are Blacks being killed by Blacks. The Philippines has 100 million people. Chicago has 2 million people. In the Philippines the killing are of drug dealers and many of the killing are also being done by radical terrorist groups and are being blamed on vigilantes. I guess you can safely say that no radical groups exist in the USA since you refuse to use the word radical. According to you there are no radical groups, again I emphasize the word radical, groups in the USA.
Duterte: One last question, Mr. Obama, before we bring this conversation to an end. Why have you given pardons to convicted drug dealer and murderers allowing them back in the streets to resume their drug dealings and killings?

Note: The number of those pardoned by Obama number over 500. They include drug dealers, dealers in possession of fire arms, convicted killers and common criminals. The numbers are readily available on the internet.

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