Possible motives

Edwin T

15 August 2016

Re: Four top drug suspects gunned down

The spate of “vigilante” drug traffickers killings makes one wonder as to the cause. Are these killings being done to eliminate the competition, retribution, or are the killings being done to silence a link to someone in government or police.

Time will tell when one of those marked for death speaks out because of fear or lives after an assassination attempt fails.

The spate of killings of alleged drug dealers makes one to speculate as to the reason. The possible motives are:

One – Territorial dispute. One dealer wanting the other’s turf. Two – Retribution. Someone getting even with the dealer for what he has done or is doing. And Three – Silencing a person who has or holds evidence of drug connection tying a government or police official to drug dealings. The killing of Hernan Aquino in Urdaneta City is a question in point. Aquino a dealer suspect was picked up for disturbing the peace and “found to have a sachet containing shabu.” Is it normal to send a SWAT team to a person disturbing the peace? Would a person in custody of the SWAT team take on several of those cops? Final question on Hernan Aquino. Was he killed in self-defense or to silence him. Cases of this nature should be thoroughly investigated. The policeman’s duty is to apprehend and incarcerate the person for adjudication, NOT mete out punishment.

I am against the use of and selling of drugs. My brother died of AIDS. He had become addicted to heroine and contracted the disease using dirty needles. I believe drug dealers should be tried on murder charges. They are killers. Yet, the law says they are innocent until proven guilty. As law-abiding people we must follow the law or we are no better than the scums who peddle drugs.

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