The opportune time

27 Oct 2014


Re: Ombudsman indicts Governor, 14 others

The chickens are coming to roost at Urduja. ___ The sleeping giant of an indictment has fallen on the heads of Pareng Spines, Rafael “Excuses” Baraan, and a few closer-than-close … okoyocoys … who are seen hanging tight on Pareng Spines coattails.


Like an old stubborn Missouri mule, it kicked the living daylights of Amading and Paeng, to which to their wide-eyed surprise, they believed this alleged engagement in corruption was over and done with. ___ Not really, it’s only hibernating to be awaken at an opportune time.


It’s only the first item dug out inside the Sanctum Santorum of Urduja, and some more are to follow, and the dreaded of all is reported ill-gotten wealth of Pareng Spines amounting to … P900M pesos taken from – jueteng – vigorish in Pangasinan. ___ With Arcinue, the bagman ready to testify, it could be tighter-than-tight a pussycat’s ass he couldn’t escape, and with the possibility it would be used to hang him.


Could it be true Marco Cojuangco have a hand in this savage attack this blood letting? ___ It can be denied there’s no connection with his declared candidacy, however, the talking wires are hot even how speculative they maybe, that to silence … Pareng Spines … is to put a dynamite up his butt.

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