An idea for the rich

Isidro Ramos
20 April 2008



It’s not hard to agree with you in your latest article, Mr. Duque, about a Philippine Congressional group going to Africa to attend a world conference on fighting poverty when paucity is right here at home staring them in the face.

Here’s an idea on how local and national politicos will understand the severity of poverty that environs them.

How about Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions, and the Rotary club as a solid group would host a fund raising dinner to feed the poor by inviting all politicians, media people, celebrities, and with their espouses included pay their way to a P1000/plate.

The surprise menu will consist of half a serving of tinapa, 2 spoonful of rice, and six ounces of tap water. The portion is so meager compared to the rich and powerful but that is the point to send the message on what to do with poverty. Now, soon as the food is served and rage replace all the joyful mood the mother of master host must step in and explain why invitees paid so much for a lowly dinner that is reserved only for the reduced.

If this set-up does not hit everyone in the gut, I do not know what will. I hope this little thought will present the rest of the people who has money and power the will to change the society for the better.

Moral: Do not wait for the last French revolution as a model for the poor and tired Pinoys.


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