Playing with Fire

The blindfolded woman


By Gonzalo Duque

NO President probably has been so pilloried even up to the entrails as our own Digong.

We have an expression on that. Agda tupaken so manga no ag mabonga.

It’s part of the territory in our political system. But they, the detractors, will fail, as usual.

Amta yo, dengel u ya  ta very graphic so dalem na manag taxi ed Manila. “Sir, nang naging Pangulo si Digong, nakakapaghatid na ako sa madidilim na lugar. Wala na ung nagsasabat! Ok na kami.” 

Malaking bagay un, bosing, kwan. Those of you who are familiar with Manila life know how to appreciate that.

*          *          *          *

Ha? Si Mocha, binabatikos? Ok lang un, part of democracy, Pangulo Digong style.

In the larger sense, look at the seemingly impossible thing na ginawa ng Duterte admin! The chief justice, the Ombudsman ay tumataob nasasalang . . . alam niyo na. As we stated earlier, walang sacred cows kay Pangulo.

Mocha, pretty and intelligent doter of the late Judge Gary Uson, knows who are real and fake na friend ni Pangulo. Sometimes she is just pulling your leg, e, nag o-over react na!

Ano kasalanan ng mga babong na yan? Tanong ng driver ko, tungkol kay Chief Justice Sereno and Ombudsman Carpio. We said “mapili ra.” “ha?” My driver said, “di mas ok kasi mapili ra!”

Dapingolen ko lawari, while we lectured on the blindfolded woman, to underscore a sacrosanct principle on justice.

Walang pinipili ang justice, kaya it’s symbolized by the blindfolded woman.

*          *          *          *

What, involved ang Pinay sa Crime of the Century? We are referring to a certain Marilou Danley, Filipina girl friend ni Stephen Paddock, who was accused of killing 58 people and himself in deadliest mass shooting in Las Vegas last week.

The entire world was shocked at the carnage, and agay layan kapalaran na Pinas, say girlfriend na murderer Filipinan pulopulos!

Now that the murderer-hubby had died,  the police will now focus on the Filipina girlfriend.  Kawawa naman. Nakaka-panlulumo! Another bad advertisement for Pinas! Agaylayan kapalaran!

Let’s pray for the innocent ones who were killed. May God’s all-knowing wisdom and power take all of them in His paradisaical mansions. And the killer? No word is available to describe his unpardonable crime.

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