Playing with Fire

BTF: expert speaker & goodwill ambassadress


By Gonzalo Duque

SOMEBODY called Mayor Belen Fernandez “ambassador of goodwill.'” Bulls eye!

On record, Mayor BTF is the most frequently invited guest speaker in various social engagements abroad. Aside from being the favorite speaker of overseas Dagupeños, Mayor Belen is a voice of authority on local government, disaster preparedness and plain politics.

She has confessed about her non-preparedness for a course in public speaking and politics, because all she wanted to do according to her was to manage the family business.

Her family has carved a reputation in the business life in Dagupan.

Her track record as a politician and public servant, first as a councilor, then vice mayor and later as mayor was A-1, outstanding and model in leadership. Because of this, world scholars of local government, solving community concerns love to listen to her.

So do not be surprised when in one or two weeks you’d hear about mayor Belen leaving for this and that country as guest of different forums.

Her speaking style is the off-the-cuff style, casual, conversational, ala Digong. Without her being aware of it, Mayor Belen has become a model speaker and ambassadress of goodwill.

How do we explain this evolution of a woman from a reluctant politician to an expert statesman or stateswoman?

We know the answer. Because she knows what to say… she is an expert on the subject she is talking about. This brings to mind the expert advice of public speaking mentors for public speaking students to know and master their subject matter and become an excellent speaker, they become an authority, and they become a manual of sorts.

Now you know why we say that Mayor Belen is now an ambassadress of goodwill in the world stage.

*                *                *                *

The non-stop antics of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un launching nuclear missiles left and right causing fear and nervousness to people around the world should now get the United Nations into action. Kim Jong-un, if you ask this columnist, is like Satan, the personification of evil.

We call upon all well meaning people all over the world in both democracies and communists to rally behind the effort to stop the North Korean leader from continuing to threaten mankind. Why did we include the communists? Because there are communists who are not that bad.

Take the case of Russia. We have read Vladimir Putin advise Kim Jong-un to bring his angsts, his problems or whatever is bothering him to a dialogue and prevent the whole world’s explosion into a war and annihilation!!!

Please help us, Merciful God.

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