Playing with Fire

Dagupan’s Thailand connection set


By Gonzalo Duque

YOU all saw it on TV. Pati fishing expedition ni Trillanes ay pinayagan to the obvious discomfort of his own son vice mayor Paulo and son in law, Atty. Mans Carpio.

Pres. Duterte over the week end successfully demonstrated political will and a sense of fairness in dealing with the nation’s problems including those affecting his own family.

Everybody knows that the opposition, the likes of Trillanes and Hontiveros, was only after the downfall of the Duterte administration.

                  Alam niyo ang opposition led by the yellows ay wala nang inaatupag kundi ang pagbagsak ni Pangulong Duterte. Very pathetic, but it is a dismal if not dangerous reality we are now dealing with. Our good fortune is the President has a strong resolve or political will, lumalaban, hindi takot kahit kanino.

Marami ang nininerbyos sa kanyang palaban na ugali, but in the long term, obvious ang panalo, ang nasa panig ng batas, katotohanan at kaligtasan ng nakakarami.

This is why Pres Digong remains popular among the poor, the downtrodden and the great unwashed.

His popularity rating remains 90 percent plus.

We don’t want to sound facetious, but it is a truism that “the voice of the people is the voice of God.”

It is inspiring to know that Thailand has a much worse problem than the Philippines on the illegal drugs. We got this straight from no less than Ambassador of Thailand HE Thanatip Upatising, who said that their problem is “much, much worse.”

Over lunch at Jam Sweet Jam, the Thailand envoy, accompanied by his wife Monthip Upatising, Minister Counselor and Consul Somjai Taghaopong and First Secretary Rathanand Vichaidit and Executive Asst. Maria Reynel Mapagu, our government’s approach and strategy in licking the problem has parallelism with the Thais’.

Our genial host was, of course, Mayor Belen whose leadership acumen as Dagupan mayor was highly praised by the Thai Ambassador and his party.

Major reason for their visit in Dagupan was in connection with their gratitude to the city government and our educational system that have resulted in the graduation of several Thai students especially those taking medical courses who have become assets of Thai society.

They singled out (ahem . . .) our Lyceum Northwestern University in the production of competent Thai alumni from LNU who have become well known top executives and personnel of Thailand’s management entities.

                  Ito ang laging palaisipan. The Ph which is always left behind, produces top- level graduates and skilled technicians that boost other economies in Asia including, for that matter, Taiwan, while we lag. Dito sila nag aaral, tayo lagi ang huli.

Good news! Magpapadala ang ciudad ng scholars sa Thailand in November, according Mayor Belen, to enhance stronger friendship between Dagupan and Thailand.

Napakasipag ng ating mayora. Kararating lang ng US of A as guest of the Dagupan community, paalis naman uli papuntang Thailand to strengthen friendships. Nagiging ambassador of goodwill tayo ha, mayor?

Namangha ang mga Thai nang sinabi ni Jun Velasco na nasaksihan na niya ang kalinisan at progress ng Thailand. Dumaan na pala nang nagpunta ng India ng 1998!

The Thais talked about the political situation in their country likening it with that of England. They have a constitutional government with a monarchial or symbolic leader.

Similarities were cited between ours and theirs, and that the common denominator is the common thread of patriotism among that makes a nation great. They are all praises to President Duterte and Mayor Belen.

*                *                *                *                *



an empty pocket

teaches us a

million things in life.


But a full pocket

spoils us in

a million ways.


It is good to

have just enough

to be happy

and contented.


When good

and nice people

touch our lives,

we see and feel

‘how wonderful’

our world can be

with or without

material things.


Blessed are they

who have time

for us giving

nice thoughts.”

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