Playing with Fire

Duterte detractors, makapaogip kayo la!


By Gonzalo Duque

SAYANG ang mga political oppositionists ni Digong. They are nothing but self-serving detractors with no other agenda but to topple the president from power.

But luckily for the nation, the self-serving detractors will fail and fade. Kasi una, wala silang credibility. Their action is motivated by greed and selfish interest. Pare-pareho ang pangalan na pumapapel, Senators Trillanes, Hontiveros and their ilk.

At hindi mayayanig ang presidente, mahal siya ng tao. At alam ng nakakarami ito.

Kawawang Kian, biktima ng mga tiwaling pulis and worse, biktima ng tiwaling pulitiko.

*          *          *          *

In the home front, ang project ni Mayor Belen called ‘waste to worth’ which is to utilize garbage to generate to the tune of millions of dollar from a Singaporean company is very good for the city.

            The resolution concerning this was passed on August 14.

            If you remember right, known political detractor of Mayor Belen the likes of former lackeys of former mayor Benjie Lim (you all know them) were very critical of her initiatives on waste management.

            Like our friend almost councilor Teddy Villamil who from his air-conditioned office in Tarlac keeps firing broadsides against the mayor. We understand he was hired by former councilor Vlad Mata who is an import from Dagupan working in Tarlac as city administrator. Vlad, we are told, is a close friend of the mayor of Tarlac City.

            Ikaw naman, Ted, you are like Joma who is safely residing in the Neitherlands but firing salvoes against the government of President Duterte. Sana, if you really care for your city, come home and fight your battles in your own backyard bravely.

            Now back to the recently approved facility that would convert waste into money making energy to the tune of millions would soon be in place. Congrats Councilors Jigs Seen and Alvin Coquia for anchoring the project.

            The proposed facility, once completed will be able to process 30 tons of solid waste into 6,000 kilograms of methane gas. And 4,000 liters of diesel fuel.

This is high tech and very beneficial to our citymates and constituents of Dagupan. Ganito ang mga creative and positive projects na gawaing heroic ng ating mga opisyales. Sana pamarisan kayo ng mga nakakarami. May your tribe increase!

            Let us also salute the others, Coun. Maybelyn Fernandez, Joey Netu Tamayo, Dennis Canto, Marvin Fabia, Nick Aquino, Lino Fernandez and Emong Vallejos who supported the measure to the hilt.

            Our kumpadre Chito Samson, we heard, was vacationing somewhere. As usual Coun. Red Erfe Mejia was the lone oppositionist.

            Sayang naman if certain well-meaning people fail to become a part of a good and noble undertaking because of politics. Parang narinig ko ang kanta ng aking paboritong songbird na si Claire dela Fuente na ‘Sayang’.

*          *          *          *

Congrats again, Coun. Jigs Seen for fast tracking the implementation of Republic Act 10066 for the purpose of preserving Arts and Culture in the city. What interest me more here is the penalty clause against those who desecrate the city’s treasures of art and historical relics like the Gabaldon buildings at the West Central School such as the residence of former Gen. Douglas McArthur, the old city hall which should really be replaced now, other monuments in Bonuan, etc.

You deserve a pat on the back, eh, Jigs.

*          *          *          *

We are glad to know that our friend former Congressman Ranjit Shahani did not ‘Indian’ the President Hotel Breakfast Club in Lingayen yesterday.

            This close buddy of ours is fit to become senator of the Philippines, but he has many things in mind. Being the favorite nephew of former president Fidel V. Ramos, Ranjit who is also former Vice Governor and former Board Member is now a director of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office under chairman Lito Banayo.

            Jun Velasco who invited Ranjit at the law office of PDI columnist Joel Butuyan in Makati says Ranjit is not only brilliant and a proud son of former senator now deceased Letty Shahani, ”he is also a man of integrity.” Ranjit was expected to discuss the strong relations between Taiwan and the Philippines.

            What bothers me about Ranjit is that up to now, our friend is an overstaying bachelor. He does not know what he is missing.

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