Playing with Fire

Legal mechanism ensures quality of permanence


By Gonzalo Duque

OUR conversations with media Czar Martin Andanar during his visit to Pangasinan last week are turning in untold meaningful benefits that would translate to making mainstream and social media work in an ideal environment.

Social media are not yet in the so-called mainstream or traditional media, there seems to be a problem in making them, standard media and social media, happily co-exist, so that their joint role would be effective and acceptable to society.  No less than our friend Sec. Andanar admits this to be a disturbing fact.

He said so before local practitioners; underscored it in fact, even in its role the presidential campaign of Digong.

This phenomenon should lead us to the surging acceptability of rural-based information material. Let’s not forget that the leadership of tabloids in print journalism has already taken the country by the horns.

The social elite and the oligarchy may find it hard to accept this development, but it is an inevitable fact of life that we should analyze and study and accept it with candor and humility, or else we get ousted from our position of privilege which we now enjoy.

Due to their free wheeling character, there is obvious risk for social media’s inclusion in government’s reference book as a reliable guide or information vehicle to advance development programs especially under the auspices of government.

What therefore matters under the circumstances is for government, particularly its information instrument to make social media become a part and parcel of the nation’s genuine media creed.

Our good fortune, we mean, our obvious edge in the media fraternity, is that we have an honest and responsive government that media can rely on mainly because of its honest and pro-poor president Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Because of him, what used to be impossible became possible and are now happening.

What are these? Well, to begin with, our friendly relations with the communists, the authentic and real anti corruption policies, the destruction of the illegal drugs syndicates and the crushing of age-old edifice of hypocrisy including so-called moralists engendered by religion and pampered by the self anointed champions of human rights and our corrupt government or political system are now being dealt with courageously and heroically by the national leadership.

Dear readers, we say these are the real stuff our countrymen are just too happy to see happening right before their very eyes.

With Sec. Andanar at the helm of media, there is great hope for local media to do the job that it should do with gusto or loves doing.

Let’s hope this will become a functioning reality, and thru it, we consider ourselves lucky that this is happening in our lifetime.

We heard that PTV-4 under Digong and Sec. Andanar will put up a local channel in Pangasinan to further bridge our people who are inspired by president Duterte’s leadership. Congressman Spines who received us and Sec. Andanar at the Capitol last week. . . at his former house, anyway concurs that media power is second to none in making government effective. He knows intimately whereof he speaks.

By the way, Sec. Andanar is the boss of our daughter, pebbles, who is in charge of social media in the Palace. In her private assessment of her boss she seems to see that he is next to perfect. That is another cap in the score card of Pres. Digong, marunong pumili ng kanyang cabinete.

In our book, the media boss, just like any other member of Digong’s official family, has no choice but to excel.

    Mabuhay kayo.

*          *          *          *

        Congrats, Mayor Belen Fernandez for placing Dagupan no. 13 among the most competitive cities in the country; it used to be several ranks below. So you see, in spite of the bashings and blusters she is receiving from detractors, she has skippered the city to its goals successfully. As they say “nothing beats success in any ways.”

*          *          *          *

        Meco Director, former Rep. and Vice Gov. Ranjit Shahani, favorite nephew of former President Ramos, will address the President Hotel Breakfast Club on Aug. 23. Wow! Jun V, clun president, says Ranjit will surely attend. Walang Indianan ha?

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