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Not so well known fun facts about Dagupan

By @SiRVis

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DAGUPAN City is a city of fun. A stay in Dagupan is packed with interesting things to see and do. There’s even a hashtag for it: #daguFUN; which I’m proud to have coined way back 2009. Dagupan is not a big city but is replete with historical, economic, educational, and cultural significance in the region and the country.

There are a lot of fun facts about Dagupan and some structures around the city that are not so well known to all. Here are some that I collated:

There are about fourteen (14) identified species of mangroves or bakawan out of the forty-eight species of mangroves found in the Philippines.

You can see at the city plaza one of the oldest trains that traversed the 195-kilometer long railroad track from Manila to Dagupan City. The Ferrocarrile de Manila – Dagupan started its services on November 24, 1892 and was latterly known as the Manila Railway Company or MRC and now PNR or Philippine National Railways. The name of the No. 17 locomotive engine is actually MRR 0-6-2T B class no. 17 URDANETA (Dübs 2577/1890). It was on display at the PNR headquarters in Manila but was moved to Dagupan City some time after March 2005. Another interesting fact is that there is an actual locomotive engine named Manila RR 0-6-0ST DAGUPAN (this locomotive was previously reported as Kerr Stuart 1021/1907, originally named SANTO TOMAS, but some parts are stamped 1007 which would actually make it CAVITE). This locomotive was formerly on display at Fort Santiago in Intramuros. It is now found at the PNR headquarters in Tutuban.

Also at the City Plaza is a monument of Rizal. The Rizal Monument was erected in 1922 under the administration of Presidente (the term for mayor) Jose Jovellanos. It was reconstructed in 1967 from the proceeds of the Dagupan City Festival and Fair. At the other side of the plaza is a Katipunan monument. The KKK Monument was erected in 1961 by civic clubs during the administration of Mayor Liberato Ll. Reyna Sr.

The City Hall was once known as the Presidencia building or municipal building. It was built during the term of Guillermo De Venecia who was on his second term as Municipal President (equivalent to Mayor). It was inaugurated in 1926, and today it still serves as the city hall. The full membership of the municipal board, during the building of the presidencia included: Vice President (Vice Mayor) Felix Calimlim, Councilors Numeriano Tanopo, Jose Penoy, Teofilo P. Guadiz, Lamberto Siguion, Gualberto de Venecia, Pascual Lozano, Toribio Guardiana, Roman Villamil, Jose Jovellanos, Procesco Bautista, Martin Mejia, Felipe Bravo, Santiago Pastoral, with Federico Estrada as municipal board secretary, Pio Reyes as municipal treasurer, Fidel Larracas as district engineer and Feliciano Nable as contractor. Guillermo De Venecia is the great grandfather of Rep. Christopher de Venecia.

More Dagupan fun facts soon. Abangan!


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