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Dagupan Bangus Processing Gets Better

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IF you love bangus especially Dagupan Bangus, raise your hand. Whether as pasalubong or as a breakfast and/or lunch staple, processed bangus products like boneless bangus seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and vinegar and tinapa (smoked) bangus are sure favourites.

Before, there were hygienic concerns regarding the production and preparation of boneless bangus especially those that were done at residences or near the river. Bangus products in the public market were once deemed low class and had a stigma of being unhygienic because it was uncertain where they were processed.

Now, Dagupan bangus consumers are assured of hygienically and systematically deboned and smoked bangus processed and packed for safe consumption. Thanks to a newly renovated Dagupan Bangus Processing Facility in Malimgas market that is on dry-run since January. The facility at present is the rehabilitated and upgraded deboning room that was established sometime in 2005. It was rehabilitated in 2016 in order to house and accommodate the assistance provided by the Department of Trade and Industry in order to support the Bangus Industry Development Program which was Dagupan City’s response to trade globalization. The upgraded facility was financed by the Dagupan LGU from the city’s general fund while the equipment was sourced from Bottom up Budgeting funds and the Shared Service Facility Program of DTI.

Emma Molina, the City Agriculture Office (CAO) head stated that at present, the facility’s technical operation is under the CAO’s watch but the toll service fee collection is under the Market division. Currently, the services offered are the use of the facility for deboning, freezer storage, vacuum packaging and smoking for use of more or less 25 Malimgas market stall holders as well as institution clients like hotels and restaurants and other market clients. There are more or less 40 “deboners” from the market. There are also more than 10 independent deboners as well as walk in clients numbering to about 500 or more monthly.

Trial operation rates are: 5 pesos for plain deboning, 10 pesos for deboning plus seasoning and packing with plastic seal, 5 pesos for smoking the bangus, 20 pesos for vacuum sealing. A seal of quality sticker which certifies that the milkfish is “Dagupan Bangus” can also be availed. Price can only be changed and increased after a new ordinance for the other toll services is drafted and passed.

The facility will be of great help to Dagupan’s Bangus industry to make it competitive as well as improve the production and empower people engaged in processing and marketing value added products from milkfish. With the Dagupan Bangus Processing Facility, Dagupan City hopes to create a market for the deboned and processed bangus from an improved facility that is hygienic, sanitary, systematic and competitive. This will improve the bangus clients’ markets and make their products better.

We can now promote Dagupan City not just as the city where you can get the “World’s Tastiest Bangus” but also as the source of safe, clean and best-tasting processed Bangus.

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