Playing with Fire

We are pro China, Russia and US

By Gonzalo Duque


A LOT of brainy and sometimes harebrained exchanges are going on the role of America in our lives as Filipinos.

Good subject.

Actually, we have family members and personal friends living in the US of A, and we love them.

A remark from our former boss, the late Sen. Jovy Salonga comes to mind.

He said: “We also love the American people, many of them are good and great people, just like we love our family members and friends in the U.S.

But we have reservations about the US government’s policy towards the Philippines.”

Alam nyo na, we are sure, about this. Since our years as a young man, we have opposed US’ imperialistic designs… yes, up to now.

This is one reason we are unswervingly for President Digong’s independent foreign policy. This position has made us friendly with former enemy countries like China and Russia, which is but proper and correct. And so we are now in truth and fact a sovereign and independent nation, not lackey to America.

That’s why let us stop all this partying for so-called former American heroes like Douglas MacArthur. Let’s back to the full Pres. Digong’s independent foreign policy.

*          *          *          *

            So finally the local Comprehensive Land Use Plan was approved by the HLURB in Manila, which means that all hindrances and bottlenecks that hamper a speedy and smooth sailing development of the city will now be a thing of the past.

            We were witness to the patience and hardwork Mayor Belen Fernandez has invested in this measure; ditto with members of the Sanggunian Panlungsod in fleshing out this vital measure.

            It’s a fact that the Pres. Duterte has been encouraging cities and urban centers to come up with centers of investment to hasten economic development.

             We understand all national government agencies will have to play their vital roles in this package.

            Haaa!?? May mga opposed?

             Kayo naman, lagi kayong kill joy.  Whatever reason they have, our appeal to them is not to oppose for the sake of just opposing or for the sake of money, which is treasonous or for political reasons, which is too premature and unpatriotic.

*          *          *          *

            At a recent meeting of the Agew na Dagupan executive committee which we attended, we gently reminded school officials led by Supt. Floserfina Bravo to prioritize the inclusion of the History of Dagupan as part of the curriculum.

We have discussed this several times in earlier columns.

With the advent of information and communications technology, we like to see Grade 3 up to Grade 7 pupils conversant, appreciative and articulate with our past as a people.

Atty. Lemuel Astadan, city sports executive, came up with a timely suggestion, and that is to hold competitions among grade school pupils on the matter of propagating Dagupan City’s history.

We were informed that the city schools division has already submitted this proposal to the DepEd Regional Office in San Fernando City. It’s sad that up to this time no action has been taken about this.

So what is going on? Or what’s not going on?

We would like to prod the division office to make regular and stronger follow-up so that will be realized.

*          *          *          *

            It’s two years now that the much needed local ordinance for the establishment of  a modern  sewerage or septic tank system in Dagupan is not yet realized.

            So far nothing has been done about it, as usual. Ho-hum!

            This is one simple and very elementary matter that can easily be done. We wish to remind the SP, sorry for being makulit, about this. You and us know the crucial value of a sewerage ordinance in our city.

*          *          *          *

            Congratulation to former Speaker Joe de Venecia for his appointment as Ambassador for International Cultural Affairs.

It is deserved appointment from Pres. Digong.

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