Playing with Fire


By Gonzalo Duque


Holy Week greetings to one and all!

Please don’t misinterpret us.

But as we reflect on the agony, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our thoughts have riveted to John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.”

We got transfixed by that line ”imagine if there’s no religion, we would live in peace!”

Of course, we are not anti-religion… we are only anti-ignorance and anti-blind rites wherever they come from, even if they come from the church.

Don’t forget that the church is not God.

We know that at this point, you already know what we are pointing out.

It is refreshing to know that the church, the RC, particularly, is slowly changing.

Thank Pope Francis who even came but with a policy to allow married men to be priests! Isn’t that revolutionary?

You and we know that there are old things that don’t work anymore. Discard them. The church is even allowing same sex marriage now!

It just goes to show that as Bob Dylan sings his heart out, “the times they are a-changin’.”

We should celebrate that! The church is waking up! Did it sleep?

Hindi ba?

            In our small corner in Dagupan, even our friend Bishop Soc Villegas is now on the frontline supporting President Duterte’s anti-drugs campaign!

Ha??? May mga nagpapapako sa krus? Hmmm, mga nerd yon. Well, if that’s their faith, huwag niyo nang pakialaman. But in point of fact, that panata by some to be nailed on the cross is also a no-no! What we should focus on is what’s the truth and live it

Not those that are imposed on us without basis. Yang mga icons, yong procession, indulgences for sale, ano pa ba?

            Mag-reflect tayo. Let’s use our freedom to uncover the truth, unmask the false and by all means live the truth! That, to us, should be the meaning of Lent!

How about our President Digong? Hindi ba makasalanan ang taong yan? But he is doing the right things.  Sina Trillanes,  Ay, nagtatalbugan na – kasi hindi sila totoo! All will fail if untrue!

Kaya, balikan natin si John Lennon at ang kanta niyang “Imagine.” “Imagine if there’s no religion, there would be peace in the land!

Happy holidays!

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