Playing with Fire

Pres. Duterte can only remove himself

By Gonzalo Duque


‘IMPEACH Duterte’ is the latest move of Trillanes and his fellow Magdalo gang mates!

Ha? Kasama na rin si VP Leni Robredo sa impeach idiocy?

Kawawa naman?

Everybody knows the move is pathetic. Mga kawawang cowboys at cowgirls, Leni, De Lima, and the like.

Agaylayan kapalaran! Wala na bang bagong ibabato ang mga detractors? Use your coconuts naman.

Sociologists tell us that people by and large are averse to change. But to a few – ang maninirang puri in their desire to put one over others – do it for selfish reasons or greed.

These are the people with distorted values. Fortunately, they are known, they are exposed, unmasked, kaya di nagtagumpay ang kanilang ipinaglalaban.

They are, in a sense, the beasts, and the majority are the beauty. Mag iisang taon pa lang si Digong, kay dami nang nagawa! This is known well by the majority. So sino ang kakampi ni Trillanes, et al?

Hey, alam nyo ba na nag-heart-to-heart talk sina Manong Digong at Comelec chair Andy Bautista lately? Hmm, ito na ang matagal nating suspetsa, lumalabas na ang tunay na botos ni Pangulo in the last presidential election — 21 million? Yes, mga abay, not 16 million plus! At sa VP race pala lumalabas na si Bongbong ang panalo?

Nandiyan na naman! Saolan lamet! Sa ganitong turn of events, marami ang nagtatanong kung bakit nag-top si Drillon, kaalyado at strategy adviser ni Mar Roxas!

*          *          *          *

We would like very much to join fellow Rotarians in Dagupan on March 20, but our SSS work requires us to do a lot of traveling. We are, while writing this, en route to Ilagan, Isabela to perk up the SSS chapter there. sorry, fellow rotarians.

Mukhang, tayo an tunay atang rotarian; laging rotating e. Next week, sa Cebu City naman. Lots of work, by golly. But it’s good, it’s great to have more responsibilities. Right thinking people love to have responsibilities; they fit into the biblical instruction of taking care of our brothers.

In a larger sense, that’s what government is all about, right?

*          *          *          *

Good and bad news for our friends: Pangulo Digong wants to go after smokers!

Kwidaw! But he means well; he wants our smoker-friends have longer life.

Our smoker friends seem oblivious of what is slowly killing them. It’s taking Pres. Duterte to do it for them.

Mga spoiled brats!

Go for it, Pangulo Digong.

*          *          *          *

Condolence to the family of Kuya Duarding Gutierrez who succumbed to a lingering illness last week. Kuya Duarding and the former Atchi Juling Hortaleza were the originators of an interesting night life in Dagupan with their famous JG’s Calesa Bar which ruled A.B. Fernandez avenue as a local bistro and a gift shop even before the Martial Law period.

May he rest in peace!

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