Playing with Fire

Triumph of the rule of law

By Gonzalo Duque


UP to now, the Perfecto Yasay “uneventful event” is still the talk of the town.

That’s what we have always warned.

Be careful with what you ask. You might get it, but not the sad consequences.

Sad consequence to those who are not deserving or are  unfit for what they ask.

Wawa naman si Jun Yasay. We have known him for four decades since our YMCA days. We can only commiserate with him, and his family.

We hope he’ll get back to where he has been – a sprightly young leader. He should learn as lawyer that there’s no substitute for the Rule of Law.

*          *          *          *

            We were shocked at what felled our friend, former Board Member Josie   Lolarga-Tamondong. She died after a motorcycle hit her while she was walking along the poblacion road in Malasiqui last Wednesday.

            We had fine memories of her. We were vice governor when she was a board member. Her complete name now is Josefina Geslani Lolarga Tamondong.

          After Mayor Celso Lolarga whom she lived in with died, she married high school sweetheart and classmate John Tamondong.

           Prayers for her eternal peace.

*          *          *          *

Some friends ask why we are “merely” a commissioner of SSS, while our younger brod Pincoy is GSIS chairman. Kayo ha? Mini merely merely nio ang SSS position ha?

BTW, let’s congratulate brod Pincoy, who really deserves the position. As former DOH secretary and Civil Service Commission chairman, he adds excellent service record to the position.

Know what?

It’s not in the position that matters really…  but in what and how we give honor and meaning to the art of service.

Fact of the matter is President Digong offered us a Cabinet position in either OFW or POEA or OWWA… but per record, we begged him, in light of our age, mid 60’s, we  have to be pragmatic about our fighting and staying power.

At SSS, we have an ideal working team with Chairman Amado Valdez, a fellow Pangasinase.

In this office, we literally champion the interest of the members, their benefits from former employers.

As one with that James Bondish nose on delinquent employers we are handling our specific committee precisely tasked to correct the gargantuan misuse or non-collection of remittances from delinquent employers to the tune — we found out — of Php 500 Billion. (When we did a reconciling of figures, we’ve put it at Php200 Billion. Still huge!!! That uncollected gold mine has been there, dormant, for nine years!

This responsibility is not a joking matter mind you. Those who fool around with this provision – non remittance of SSS contribution – could hang the violator for neglect of duty, or worse, estafa.

Learn from a certain Dr. Mendez who was recently convicted from this legal infraction. It’s unpatriotic and unchristian to make employees believe their contributions are remitted yon pala pumupunta sa pockets ng unscrupulous employers.

At the SSS board, we already issued a warning that this form of neglect could send one to the Ombudsman.

*          *          *          *

We doff our hat to Mayor Belen Fernandez, the Dep-Ed and the City Athletic Association for skippering the Dagupan team to Second Place in the recent IRAA games!

            Oo, kahit Number 2 to the Pangasinan II Team, we came very much close ( a breath away! ) to the champ by only  4 medals.

            Last year, Number.2 din ang ciudad, but was 22 medals away.

            Hmmm, may nagsasabi dyan na exciting daw ang maging Number 2!

Blowout kila sirin, Mayor Belen, Supt. Bravo!!!!

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