Playing with Fire

Salute Guv Pogi, Mayor Guiang, Cabiles family

By Gonzalo Duque


WE were overjoyed to see the picture of Burgos Mayor Dr. Albert Guiang, an LNU College of Medicine graduate, former Vice Mayor Belen Cabiles family and Gov. Pogi Espino in resurrecting a noble project.

The photo was about the turning over of a Deed of Donation by the Cabiles family to the province for a 2-hectare lot for the “resurrection” of an unfinished drug rehab center – in Burgos town, now under Mayor Guiang– that got torpedoed by government neglect in past administrations.

Neglect? Yesssrrrs!  How would you describe the rigodon of the province’s chief executives playing blind and dumb to the nobly started Drug Dependents and Youth Offenders center?  We as then vice governor of the province, were the ardent proponent of the project under then Mayor Demetrio Cabiles.

Salute the Cabiles family for their philanthropy.  They have a heart of gold.

Not too long ago, a lady judge in a drug forum with our cumpadre then Dangerous Drugs Board chairman Bebot Villar present, approached us to inquire about the forgotten project calling it a noble one that fills a great and urgent need in these times.

Our heart sank because something noble was discarded just like that, parang Dagupan garbage, hmmp!!!

Little did those who came before realize the urgency of the drugs now tearing our country apart and many other countries. Thank President Digong who woke us all up.

Oh, yes, then Gov. Spines expressed willingness to put life to the unfinished center. He was overtaken by what he thought were more pressing concerns.

It may be providential that his son Guv’nor Pogi is taking up the cudgels for erpat.

It’s very disturbing to know that youth offenders would be mixed with hardened criminals in our decrepit jails.

We should be mindful of our youth, the future of the nation. If allowed to be destroyed by drugs, their lives are finished even before reaching maturity. As a Central Pangasinan mayor rightly observed, they’d be like “zombies, living dead!”

Oo nga pala, then Speaker JDV wanted to pick up the idea, but he put up one instead in Dagupan City, in his district.

Ok lang yon, at least, the idea was realized in another place, not far away anyway.

Go for it. Guv’ Pogi!

*          *          *          *

            Many are asking how are we at SSS?

            Oh yes, we are a commissioner there. As to our performance… ahem… you can ask our chair Amado Valdez.

           By the way, chair AV is a fellow Pangasinense, a native of San Manuel town.

            We want to humbly report to you, readers, that there’s a sleeping authority in our SSS like Rip Van Winkle that has been ignored for many decades now, the power to generate millions from delinquent contributors!

          The Commission should run after delinquent contributors and prod them to make up and cover their liabilities, and we are talking of millions here.

            You have read it in the newspapers. A certain Dr. Mendez (we forgot his first name) was convicted for his or his firm’s failure to remit his employees’ SSS contributions.

            We are neck-deep preparing the mechanism to have the onerous problem solved soon.  Millions of pesos would then accrue to the government.

            Ito na siguro and lagi nating naiisip – a mission like no other such as this forgotten goldmine at SSS.

            To God be the Glory!

*          *          *          *

            It’s sad that we are made unwilling witness to the common practice in school’s sports development activities that often give suppliers win bid to supply sporting equipment and facilities with unacceptable standards – at the expense of our athletes and entire sports program.

Our concern is obviously shared by Mayor Belen Fernandez who on one occasion or two has expressed misgivings in this un-sportly practice.

We urge the Dep-Ed, the city sports commission and our athletes to work together to nip the problem decisively. Ms. Luz, please do something.

The problem is not solved by debates and argumentations – but by a sincere resolve to find solutions.

Let’s go for it!

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