Punching Bug

Duterte. Obama. Trump.

By Ulysses R. Butuyan


86% OF OINOYS HAVE NO BANK DEPOSITS. Because PDIC rules do not inspire confidence and interest paid on deposits is inequitably low. Besides, among the 86% or more, what is there to deposit?

U.S. UNABLE TO VERIFY HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES IN PHL. Who do you think refuses extend cooperation?

ANTI-POVERTY GROUP URGES LEADERS TO DO MORE TO REDUCE THE GAP BETWEEN THE VERY RICH AND THE POOR.  Being rich is not a crime, but being filthy rich is. What is worse is, many of the filthy rich are government bureaucrats.

FOREIGN SEC.PERFECTO YASAY, JR. FILES A LOW-KEY PROTEST WITH CHINA VS. INSTALLATION OF WEAPONS ON THE SPRATLYS. Don’t be surprised. Jun Yasay, an outstanding product of Siliman University and the University of the Philippines, was born Protestant.

DUTERTE WAS JUST LETTING OFF STEAM WHO HE THREATENED TO IGNORE THE CONSTITUTION AND DECLARE MARTIAL LAW, FRUSTRATED THAT DESPITE HIS ANTI-DRUG EFFORTS, THE MENACE APPEARS TO BE CONTINUING. The drug menace will never end for as long as law enforcers are under the payroll of drug lords wielding strong political influence. And, when has obedience to the Constitution become optional?

DEATH PENALTY ALSO PUTS LIVELIHOOD OF POOR AT RISK. Why not legislate that the death penalty shall apply only to those who approve of it? Maybe the diplomat who says the death penalty is not a hindrance to Phl-EU ties ought to sign in first.


DUTERTE TO TRUMP: BE FAIR TO PHL ILLEGALS. He should also tell himself this: Be fair to drug suspects.

WHO NOTICED HOW IMPRESSED OBAMA WAS AS TRUMP SPOKE AT HIS INAUGURATION? Who expected to hear eloquence and depth then? But at the podium the 45th U.S. president showed strength of faith, resolve and character didn’t he? His charisma was far more appealing than even his wealth and looks combined!

HOUSE PLANNING TO RAISE “SIN” TAX ON CIGARETTES ANEW. But where in the Ten Commandments is written “Thou shalt not smoke?”

BATO TOLD TO RESIGN OVER KOREAN’S SLAY. Guess who is yelling “Bato, Bato sa langit, and tamaan huwag magagalit!” Will Bato eventually be renamed “Biak na Bato?

TRUMP WILL FAIL, BILLIONAIRE SOROS PREDICTS. Yet Trump was widely predicted to lose in the U.S. presidential elections. Breathes there a casino operator who has ever lost?

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