Playing with Fire

Let’s value our heritage

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


WHAT’S the latest on Mayor Duterte?

You must already have an idea…yes, after that free-wheeling, no-holds-barred television interview with Vice Ganda!

Our friend, Rody Duterte, has been shying away from the presidential derby, but events, happenings, circumstances, etcetera and conspiring to spur him to run.

At the Vice Ganda interview, Rody oozed with wit and humor. He was very humane, unlike the “berdugo” image detractors are trying to project him.

On the topic of lesbians, gay, same sex marriage, Duterte was fast in his remarks: “we should respect them, they have human dignity, are all God’s creation!” This unequivocal stand received zooming feedback from all sectors. They want him to run for president already.

But, of course, what has drawn people to him, by and large, young, old, middle age groups is his stern warning against the merchants of illicit drugs, calling them allies of Satan and must be crushed and finished off without mercy. He cites Davao City as graphic show-case.

Ok, may talo pa ba yon, mga igan?

Drugs is the Number One scourge in our country, destroying our home, our youth and our future.

Vote Duterte, and we have a drug-free country!

*          *          *          *

Flash! Sec. Bebot Villar has regained his “pangromansang boses.” Which means, he said, we revive our tandem in Deretsahan over Aksyon Radyo’s Serbisyong Publiko on August 1.

Watch for it!

*          *          *          *

More on Duterte, when Vice Ganda asked him what he thought of the other presidential wannabes, he gave the following ratings: Mar Roxas, good; Jojo Binay, good; Grace Poe, good; Rody Duterte, very good!

Do you see the message?

Lalaban yong mama.

*          *          *          *

Are we not witnessing the controversy on the Torre de Manila, in which a 49-story building was allowed to be constructed even if it would block the public view of the monument of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal?

Well, that kind of problem won’t ever happen in Dagupan City. How so?

Because the city government under Mayor Belen Fernandez is seeing to it that all historical buildings, sites and other relics are going to be treated as such, sacred and sacrosanct.

Last Thursday, the Committee on History, Arts and Culture met with the Mayor to firm up a resolve to guard against desecration of historical relics.

The decision will be embodied in a Sanggunian ordinance to be authored by Councilors Jigs Seen, Joey Tamayo, Lino Fernandez (ABC president) and the rest to preserve these historical and cultural materials … and that any violation thereof will be dealt with penalty.

Before, there was this shameful defacement of the city plaza stage replacing it with a giant oyster shell! Many were scandalized, but only public censure and reproof could only be availed of. No specific penalty. Why, because there was no such ordinance governing such violations yet!

And then there was that outrage over the arbitrary change of the city’s official seal or logo bearing the words “Aliguas Dagupan!” with a foto of bangus, done under the administration of then Mayor Benjie Lim.

Architect Alex Villaflor rebuked the city officials, suggesting that what it should have done was register the original logo with the SEC.

Did you know that the city’s official flower is the Rosal? Yes, not Sampaguita, although the latter is the national flower.

These initiatives are necessary to preserve our heritage and our great past.

As Dr. Rizal has said, we can’t reach our destination if we don’t value our past.

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