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Countdown to festivities begins 

Jun Velasco

By Jun Velasco


“He who confers a favor should, at once forget it, if he is not to show a sordid, ungenerous spirit,” Demosthenes


YOUTHFUL pastor Roger Olpindo of the Open Door Baptist Church came to the house with a worried look yesterday.

He said the church that his ministry has just built from the remnants of an old (Viray) house in Barangay Tambac has a new “unfriendly” neighbor — a dumpsite.

Did the barangay kapitan, Willy Salayog, and his council know about the new church in their barangay which is to be inaugurated today, Dec. 8?

Let this small corner appeal to Kapitan Willy and the barangay council to kindly move the dumpsite in favor of God’s new home.

It’s a truism that blessings would pour on a place that glorifies the Lord.

*          *          *          *

It must be a happy coincidence that Dagupan and December start with the letter “D.”

Fact of the matter is, by nature, Dagupenos are a happy, positive, optimistic, fun-loving lot.

And what is more fun-filled or “festive,” Ope Reyna’s favorite word, in Dagupan than the whole month of December?

Be in Dagupan anywhere any time these cool days and you won’t miss the festive air, yes, even if the world is on a spin.

But justifiably, aside from our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth month (according to the Gregorian calendar), or Birthday on December 25 which we celebrate with utmost gusto, the following Day, December 26 is Dagupan’s birthday, which is always celebrated as Dagupan Fiesta.

A couple of days hence is the most awaited of all by thousands of graduates or alumni of Dagupan City National High School, their annual alumni homecoming, at the city plaza. It is as if all the yearnings to re-unite with ol’ friends and classmates, separated by work, fate, kapalaran, accidents, and whatnots—even for just a day or two – would be realized.

To us of DCNHS Class 63, December 27 and 28 mark a major facet of our lives  – after high school graduation.

Let’s all trek to DCNHS ground and the City Plaza.

Association prexy Ope Reyna, please lead the way.

*          *          *          *

Dagupan should do justice to its reputation as bangus center of the nation by seeing to it that its bangus or fishing industry is genuinely robust and economically viable.

The much-publicized drive versus fish pens has exposed the duplicity of those tasked to implement the drive to do away with the illegal and the dangerous.

Dangerous because fish pens are behind the fish kill phenomenon, which is economic sabotage plain and simple.

The culprits have devised PR strategies feeding the public with falsehood to stay in their illegal business and get away with it.

Unless the fishing industry is rid of Trojan Horse elements, our reputation as bangus center of the world will remain a joke.

With Mayor Belen taking a direct hand in the cleanup drive and upgrade of the industry, which should command at least 40 percent of Dagupan folk’s livelihood, much is expected, and we sincerely pray she’d be able to whack the stick on those who pretend to help but are only helping themselves.

*          *          *          *

Dagupenos have been thrust to nationwide admiration when the Dangerous Drugs Board conferred on their mayor the highest honor for an LGU leader for her work and performance   in fighting illegal drugs.

We all know that no community is safe if drug pushers are around.

The province is lucky to have DDB Bebot Villar for his encouragement so that the drive has a sustained life.

It seems that he is alone in the top government echelon who is tireless and relentless on the drugs drive.

It would be a fair warning that if the drive fail, woe unto all of us who just want to live in peace.  

We hope the award for Mayor Belen will translate down to the farthest nook and cranny of the city’s 31 barangays.


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