A Kabaleyan’s Thought…

A Bad Omen

By Leonardo Galvez

ON the very same day Vice-Mayor Belen Fernandez filed her certificate of candidacy for the mayoral post, she was again buffeted by the same forces that failed to silence her in her quest to clean the city of grafters.

A woman, her namesake, filed her COC to the same post, a sign that all is not well in the camp of the incumbent. Why she did the inconceivable is not anybody’s guess. Anybody who is somebody knows who the behind-the-scene-talent is. It’s virtually an insult to the electorates by “feeding” them with unqualified candidate they have never heard of since Adam.

What Belen should do is to use her resources to find the real culprit. This is not a laughing matter. If this “below-the-belt” tactic is left unchecked, it will greatly affect her candidacy.

Is the opposite camp worried about their impending defeat? Are they in a hurry to sing their “Swan Song”?

As one wag said, the anomaly surrounding the purchase of Awai lot is more than enough to bring them down.

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