Binmaley PNP: Drug suspects back in ‘Zumbago’

A NUMBER of drug pushers and users in Binmaley town who surrendered earlier have been confirmed to have returned to their old habits since the suspension of the illegal drug operations in the town.

This was confirmed by P/Supt. Mona Asis, Binmaley police chief, who said some were apparently emboldened by the suspension of the operations and knew that the police could not act against them.

“May mga matitigas ang ulo at malalakas ang loob na bumalik sa dating gawi,” she said.

She admitted that since the suspension of Double Barrel Alpha, the attendance of the drug personalities committed to participate regularly in the ‘Zumbago’, a community-based rehabilitation activity program, had declined.

But with the resumption of the illegal drug operations, Double Barrel Reloaded, the attendance of the drug personalities that surrendered again improved, if not doubled.

Meanwhile, Asis said her station is planning for more operations in tandem with PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency).

In the campaign against illegal gambling, Asis said 20 persons were arrested so far.

She said they were meted disciplinary action and detained for several hours, still others chose to render community service in lieu of charges being filed against them.

Asis said those who opted to do community service were turned over to the town government who in turn were turned over to their respective barangays.

She said her station has sought the cooperation of the barangays to call in information regarding the presence of illegal gambling in their communities.

Makaka-asa sila na rerespondehan namin yan,” Asis said. (Nora Dominguez)

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