Remembering Ermin Garcia Sr.

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“ERMIN GARCIA” was a symbol of what every newspaperman should aspire to be. Ermin could have come to Manila, as many journalist and writers of promise do, and made his mark in the metropolitan press. But he felt that his vocation lay a home, and it was to make happier and better the community in which he lived. And so he started the Sunday Punch, a weekly newspaper that never failed to live up to its name.”

—MAX SOLIVEN, The Sunday Times, May 22, 1966


“FOR ERMIN GARCIA, Editor and Publisher of Dagupan City’s Sunday Punch, we can gauge a very great respect among the newspaper community. He was a crusader, one of a vanishing breed. He was one of the few provincial newsmen who truly had the esteem of the Manila press. He belonged to that group of press elders whom cub reporters look up to. He had a fighting heart and he kept proving it.”

—WILLIE NG, The Manila Bulletin, May 22, 1966


“GARCIA was a Member of the Philippine Delegation to the Afro-Asian Press Conference in Bandung, Indonesia. He was a Director of the Philippine Press Institute. Garcia, a veteran newspaperman, was Founding President of the Federation of Provincial Press Clubs of the Philippines.”

—The Manila Times, May 21, 1966

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