‘Backward Runner’ seeks two Guinness World Records

By August 6, 2022Sports

A PANGASINENSE backward runner is set to break a Guinness World Record as the fastest in the 100-200-meter, male category.

Alfonso ‘Jojo’ Bigay, will attempt to beat the fastest 200-meter backward run set by Christian Roberto Lopez Rodriguez of Toledo, Spain with a record speed of 30.99 seconds in 2019 and the world record for the 100-meter backward run held by Roland Wegner of Germany, with 13.6 seconds record time.

Bigay, now 53 years old, said while he has not yet received any update from the Guinness World Record committee as of writing, the attempt is scheduled on December this year at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center in Lingayen.

Bigay is regularly seen training at the beachfront. He also does stationary bike backpedaling, skip rope, and other exercises to help in his training.

Bigay, seeking support from fellow Pangasinenses for his attempt to snatch two records, urged youngsters to try backward running as a sport.

He took interest in backward running in 1991 and he expressed confidence he will succeed in proving that Filipinos can excel in backward running, too. (Ahikam Pasion)

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