September 24, 2023 in Punchline

Who is lying? Guv or Cong?

By Ermin Garcia Jr.   THE AGUILA alliance (Guico-Lambino-Cojuangco) is showing signs of dissolution. Ok, to the ladies and gentlemen closely following politics at the provincial level - place your bets! The indications are, it will break. But in politics, division and subtraction are hardly employed. In any given political…
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September 18, 2023 in Punchline

ILABAN SU BALEY! (Fight for the city!)

By Ermin Garcia Jr. THAT’S the battle cry of the Belen Fernandez administration to rally sectors affected by the lost support and benefits that her 2023 annual budget promised after the 7 epaLiFes (majority in SP) engineered to deprive them of these. Mayor Belen urges her supporters, ILABAN SU BALEY!…
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September 10, 2023 in Punchline

See nothing, hear nothing, do nothing

By Ermin Garcia Jr.   WHO says there are no illegal fish pens in Dagupan City? The elected city officials. They know there is an elephant in the room but no one seems to see it. I refer to the thousands of illegal fish pens already operating in and around…
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September 3, 2023 in Punchline

Simply idiotic

By Ermin Garcia Jr.   IF you are wondering why the activities of the seven notorious epaLiFes who claim to be dedicated public servants (Councilors Red Erfe-Mejia, Celia Lim, Dada Reyna-Macalanda, Alfie Fernandez, Alvin Coquia, Irene Lim-Acosta and Marilou Fernandez) continue to hug The PUNCH headlines, here’s why – It…
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August 27, 2023 in Punchline

Another “foot-in-mouth” virus infection

By Ermin Garcia Jr.   THE 7 epaLiFes are at it again, this time obstructing and demonizing the ongoing road and drainage elevation project, a major program of the DPWH in Dagupan City funded by the national government, all because it is being implemented during the Belen Fernandez administration. The…
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