Out of the fire

by Gonzalo Duque

July 7, 2024 in Out of the fire

All about money

By Gonzalo Duque    I don't know if a reconciliation is still possible between the group of Mayor Belen and the seven magnificent  councilors. I have it on reliable source that the seven would like to have a share in  the pie of whatever funds the city may have for their own…
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July 1, 2024 in Out of the fire

No possible compromise between Belen and Brian

By Gonzalo Duque   I had a brief conversation with Orly Navarro, manager of radio station DWIZ and a close friend of Brian Lim and family about politics in Dagupan. I asked him why he interviewed Mayor Belen Fernandez three times in his radio program “ Orly You” and what…
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June 23, 2024 in Out of the fire

VP Sara as head of the opposition

By Gonzalo Duque   THE resignation Sara Duterte as Secretary of Education has been long in coming. Everybody has long been expecting her resignation. Many are aware that the Vice President has been treated as an outsider in the Marcos administration. It must be lonely to be an outsider but…
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June 16, 2024 in Out of the fire

POGO and the West Philippine Sea

By Gonzalo Duque   WE just celebrated our 126th Independence Day last June 12. Every year since we were under Martial Law, our government leaders were always barking the same line that before we became independent “we need to work for it and if necessary, die for it.” Such a…
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June 9, 2024 in Out of the fire

Question was about PBBM, answer was about FL Lisa

By Gonzalo Duque   OUR class of 1976, known as the 100 Percenters of BAR ‘76, had a meeting last week. We pride ourselves as the last batch from San Beda College that achieved that 100 percent mark that year. No batch had broken that record yet. Among those who passed the…
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