Cong. Toff wants incentives for award-winning Pinoy creatives

By November 12, 2022People & Events

FOURTH District Rep. Christopher ‘Toff’ de Venecia urges his fellow lawmakers to provide incentives to award-winning Filipino creatives, much like how the country grants cash prizes to athletes.

His proposal was raised on Wednesday, November 9, during a meeting at the House of Representatives for the formation of a Technical Working Group (TWG) for the consolidation of the House Bill No. 1281, also known as the Creative Philippines Act, HB  1934, and HB 4540, bills seeking to empower the Philippine Creatives sector.

De Venecia, along with co-lawmakers LRay Villafuerte, Luis Villafuerte, Anthony Horibata,  Nicolas Enciso III, and Patrick Michal Vargas, seeks to grant cash and other non-financial incentives to Filipino creatives who won in prestigious international awards.

He said his proposal is patterned after the Republic Act 10699, that provides incentives to national athletes who win the Southeast Asian Games, World Olympics, etc.

His bill proposes a P10-million cash prize for earning top honors, P5 million and P2 million for secondary and tertiary honors respectively.

He added that in addition to cash incentives, the creatives should be honored with lifetime benefits for award-winning Filipino creatives, i.e., 20-percent discounts from establishments, free medical consultations in government-run hospitals, PhilHealth coverage, a comprehensive social security program, inclusion in national housing programs, and scholarship, retirement, plus death benefits.

De Venecia proposed the creatives may be given the benefits and incentives if they win in any of the following international awards and film festivals: Academy Awards (Oscars), Venice International Film Festival, Cannes International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Game Awards (for Game Development), World Architecture Festival, INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, Nobel Prize for Literature, Tony Awards for Theater, etc. (Ahikam Pasion)

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