Manny SD Lopez is Labor Party’s bet for VP

By December 12, 2021People & Events

THE Labor Party Philippines ( LPP ) aka Workers and Peasants Party is fielding Manny Sto. Domingo- Lopez as its official candidate for Vice President this 2022 national elections. The broad coalition of political parties, labor unions, farmer, business and student organizations are supporting alternative non-traditional candidates who are well qualified, capable and uncompromising in their stand to pursue the people’s interest and welfare as demonstrated by their track record.


Lopez, related to the Sto. Domingos in Dagupan City, is a UP and UCLA trained economist, technology and management professional with extensive global and local experience in managing public and private enterprises. He is a leading proponent of a comprehensive 3,-pronged economic recovery and development program that includes a new Omnibus Investment Code to improve the way we do business, enhance economic productivity and attract more investments, generate jobs, livelihoods and opportunities nationwide.

He likewise proposed a Bankruptcy Law to enable struggling Micro Small and Medium Enterprises ( MSME ), entrepreneurs, farmers, fisher folks and professionals impacted by the pandemic to reorganize and get back into business. Low interest loans with easy terms accessible thru the commercial banking system is necessary for business recovery. Accordingly, government guarantees will be necessary to minimize the lending risks of banks to distressed firms and individuals. Business recovery of MSMEs will propel economic growth and source of tax revenues.

Manny SD Lopez has long been a proponent of effective disaster management, anti-corruption and people’s initiative that will empower citizens to directly legislate, amend and rescind inappropriate laws. He is an active supporter of socioeconomic and political reforms that aims to eliminate obstacles of development. Together we can build a strong, just and progressive nation says Lopez.

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