ILABAN SU BALEY! (Fight for the city!)

By September 18, 2023Punchline

By Ermin Garcia Jr.

THAT’S the battle cry of the Belen Fernandez administration to rally sectors affected by the lost support and benefits that her 2023 annual budget promised after the 7 epaLiFes (majority in SP) engineered to deprive them of these.

Mayor Belen urges her supporters, ILABAN SU BALEY! and compel 7 Councilors Red Erfe-Mejia, Celia Lim, Irene Lim-Acosta, Dada Reyna-Macalanda, Alfie Fernandez, Alvin Coquia and Marilou Fernandez to approve her 2023 annual budget which they have continuously refused to pass since 2022, all because she refused to give in to their demands for 7 additional “job order” workers each assigned to them and other things. (Translation: To give them additional P70k in monthly allowances in addition to the P30K for the “3 J.O.s” already assigned to them).

Mayor Belen rallies the city hall employees, ILABAN SU BALEY!, they who were denied their salary increases.

Mayor Belen asks parents of 2,000 scholars, ILABAN SU BALEY!, whose children were deprived of yearly scholarships.

Mayor Belen asks BHWs, health workers, ILABAN SU BALEY!, they whose allowances were withheld.

But these same affected sectors are beginning to wonder about Mayor Belen. She has asked most everyone to do their part, i.e., hold rallies, prepare placards, sign petitions, etc. but she has not done what could make the difference in their fight for what is due them.

They know she has the authority and legal means to compel the 7epaLiFes to do what is right for the city… and for them.

Why hasn’t she filed the cases she said she would file against the 7?  Why hasn’t’ she filed the corruption cases against the allies of the 7epaLiFes who were documented to have committed graft during the administration of their boss, former Mayor Brian Lim?

Indeed, Mayor Belen, ILABAN SU BALEY!!  File those cases for your constituents!

*          *          *          *

IT’S ALL WRONG! I still find it hard to believe that Mayor Belen thinks that the 7epaLiFes will fall for the emotional pleas of city hall employees, parents of scholars and BHWs and deliver the 2023 annual budget on a silver platter.

I also find it hard to believe that Mayor Belen, after being subjected to a series of humiliating situations in public, thinks that playing a victim card will make the 7epaLiFes have a sudden change of heart, apologize to her.

Worse, I find it hard to believe that she naively thinks that airing threats publicly against the7epaLiFes will make them tremble, shake and fall.

What surprises me most is that she believes she can continue to play the victim card while urging others ILABAN SU BALEY! because she can use these in her 2025 reelection bid against them.

She got it ALL WRONG.

She still has not learned what the 7epaLiFes are capable of after invoking and applying laws without precedence, for their illegal devious plots against the city government. She is not the kind they are afraid of. Not today. Not tomorrow, if she keeps up with the same lame responses to them.

If Mayor Belen seriously wants to win for the city, she should file the cases without further ado knowing fully well that there is already a jurisprudence from the Ombudsman that promptly suspended all members of the Quezon provincial board who voted to reject the provincial government’s annual budget And, that’s only for the annual budget. (Hello! Wake up City Legal Officer Aurora Valle)  

Add other illegal initiatives that the 7epaLiFes launched to sabotage the city government, that could mean jail sentence for the 7epaLiFes. (City Legal Officer Valle ought to learn more on Mayor Belen’s private lawyers).

I have no doubt even DILG Sec. Benhur Abalos had advised her do what most everyone (except her two close aides) in her corner to do – FILE THE CASES!

Mayor Belen, it’s your turn. ILABAN SU BALEY!!!

*          *          *          *

GUV VS. CONG? Don’t look now but it looks like some strong political alliances are about to break because the controversial Lingayen seawall project being constructed will likely result in loss of faces among some political allies.

There is Guv Mon-mon who was left in the dark on the Lingayen seawall project by Cong. Mark Cojuangco, the man who quietly worked on the project without Guv Mon-mon in the loop.

The governor’s reaction and response to the protested project: “I love to see the beach”. Touché Cong. Mark.  Nothing can be more spontaneous than that.

I have reason to believe that Cong. Mark has the data to pursue that project. Proof: He had the four barangay kapitans convinced about his project for their communities.  I’m sure his data will force Guv Mon-mon to revise his stand – “I don’t really like the view that much.”

Unlike the Pangasinan Link Expressway that gave Guv Mon-mon, VG Mark and board members and key provincial officers (some with their spouses) the rare chance to travel overseas free, Cong Mark’s Lingayen seawall project cannot afford that.

Who will yield to the other? Hmmm. We should know by next week or in two weeks after a top level crisis meeting resolves that.

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