Opposition told: Source of SRI, Gratuity pay not 2024 annual budget

By April 9, 2024Inside News

OPPOSITION Councilor Redford Erfe-Mejia was grossly mistaken when he said that the long delayed Special Recognition Incentive (SRI) of regular employees and Gratuity Pay of Job Order Employees for 2023 will be drawn from the newly approved annual budget of Dagupan in the amount of P1.385 billion.

Minority Councilor Michael Fernandez pointed this out during a heated debate after Erfe-Mejia’s claim in his proposed resolution asking Mayor Belen Fernandez to immediately convene the Local Development Council for the purpose of passing a resolution endorsing the grant of SRI of P20,000 each to regular employees, and P5,000 gratuity pay of JOEs.

Erfe-Mejia’s resolution was hinted as evidently trying to claim credit that it was the opposition who made it possible for the early release of the payments of benefits as provided for in Executive Order No. 12 and 13 of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. late last year.

Fernandez pointed out the delayed SRI and Gratuity Pay of Dagupan city employees will come from 2023 budget’s  savings.

Councilor Jeslito Seen said Luz de Guzman, former city budget officer, confirmed the process stating that the payment of the SRI in 2023 will be  paid from the 2023 surplus.

As gleaned from discussion during the last and final committee hearing of the finance, budget and appropriations committee, Dagupan has so far accumulated savings of more than P600 million  as  of  December 31, 2023.  (Leonardo Micua)

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