What’s new in Urbiztondo? It’s peaceful. – Police chief

By November 20, 2022Inside News

THE town of Urbiztondo always found itself hugging the news headlines in the past about reports of heinous crimes being committed by and against town’s personalities.

Then all of a sudden, the town was quiet, and has been so over the past months. When asked about how recent events were evolving, the police chief sported a grin on his face.

“The town is “generally peaceful,” came the reply of P/ Major Allan Abuan, officer-in-charge at the Urbiztondo Police Station.

He said the town has recorded a drastic decrease of police incident reports and continued to point out that save for isolated cases of vehicular accidents, the local police never had responded and recorded major crime incidents in town.

Even reports of indiscriminate firing in the past are zero these days. “Wala nang naitatalang mga sumbong ng indiscriminate firing sa bayan”, said Abuan.

The police also no longer receive reports of cattle rustling, a usual problem in town dating many years back.

The change in the town’s peace and order situation for the better has been evident and Abuan attributed it to residents that have become more supportive of their local police.

He also credits Urbiztondo Mayor Modesto Operania for the full support of the local government to the town police enabling it to operate effectively.

Abuan’s description of “generally peaceful” appears to be an understatement. (Ahikam Pasion)

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