Five candidates file for substitution

By November 22, 2021Inside News

THREE candidates filed their respective certificates of candidacy for board member, one for mayor and another for vice mayor in Pangasinan for next year’s elections, according to the provincial election supervisor.

“It was orderly,” said lawyer Marino Salas, adding that those who substituted were aspirants Ramon Bautista and Gerald Gubatan only in the last day of substitution on Monday. Both will run for board member in the Fourth District.

Earlier, former vice governor Ranjit Shahani also substituted to run for board member of Sixth District.

They filed their candidacy at Salas’ office.

In Mangaldan, former Philippine National Police chief Arturo Lomibao and his running mate Dr. Mark Stephen Mejia, filed their certificates of candidacy as mayor and vice mayor, respectively.

Salas, however pointed out that substitution can still be done any time until the mid-day of the elections on two grounds: death and disqualification.

Meanwhile, Salas said Pangasinan will have more or less 2.1 million voters in next year’s elections.

This makes Pangasinan the third province with the most number of registered voters. (Eva Visperas)

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