‘Boy Ahas’ dies after cobra bite

By July 18, 2021Inside News


BERNARDO Alvarez, 61, the renowned ‘Boy Ahas’ from Barangay Lanas, Mangaldan town, died after receiving death’s kiss from a cobra he recently caught on Friday, July 9.

Investigation of the Mangaldan Police shows Alvarez was called by residents when a Philippine Cobra was spotted in their area. He immediately responded and made quick work of it.

Afterwards, he went on to drink, as to what residents call his habit after catching snakes. He took out the cobra he caught from the fishing net, and played with it — just like he used to do.

Unfortunately, the cobra bared its fangs at him and bit his tongue. His face had become swollen and his mouth frothing. He was no longer moving for 10 minutes when medics arrived.

Medics tried to revive him, but to no avail. He was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

The cobra was then killed by residents after it bit Alvarez.

Alvarez was the town’s go-to guy if snakes are spotted.

Since he began his career in catching snakes, he was bitten several times, but remained seemingly invulnerable. He even kissed and played with his snakes, earning him the monicker ‘Boy Ahas’.

It was because of this that he became famous in the town. A national TV network once featured him in one of its programs.

Philippine Cobras are known to be one of the most venomous snakes in the world — killing their victims within 30 minutes after injecting its venom.

Dr. Anna de Guzman, Pangasinan Provincial Health Officer, said a snake’s venom contains zootoxins, which facilitate the paralysis of its prey. It could also induce inflammatory and neurotoxic effects, and could make their victim’s blood coagulate. (Ahikam Pasion)

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