Only 225,553 vaccinated in Region 1

By June 14, 2021Inside News

AS of June 6, 225,291 doses of the anti-COVID-19 vaccines had already been administered in Region 1, out of which 170,738 were used as first dose and 54,553 for the second dose, according to the Department of Health-Center for Heath Development 1.

Speaking at the virtual presser of PIA Region 1 on June 7, Dr. Rheuel Bobis, Region 1 COVID-19 focal person, said the vaccines were administered to persons under the A-1 category (medical front liners), A-2 category (senior citizens) and A-3 category (with comorbidities).

There were 87,489 medical front liners in the region under A-1 in the master list targeted for vaccination: 78,211 or 89.48 percent were administered with first dose and 46,384 or 53.07 with the second dose.

In the senior citizens (category 2), there were 547,786 targeted for vaccination: 72,302 or 13.20 percent were administered with first dose and 8,083 or 1.48 percent for the second dose.

There are 120,158 persons with comorbidities under Category A-3 in the region set to be vaccinated. So far, the first dose of the vaccine was already given to 20,285 individuals or 15.78 percent and only 86 of the number or .007 percent received the second dose of the vaccine. Total doses already administered to persons with comorbidities in the region number 20,311.

Bobis explained that number of persons under the A-4 category (essential workers in both public and private sectors) have yet to be vaccinated since Region 1 is not among the regions with high COVID-10 cases. Phase 1 of the vaccination for A-4 has already started in Metro Manila Plus 8 (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Cebu and Davao).

He added that list for A-1 category will be expanded with the inclusion of members of families of health care workers recently approved resolution of national IATF. Also included are Overseas Filipino Workers leaving for work abroad within four months.

Bobis, however, said the guidelines for the vaccination of health care workers’ families as well as OFWs have not been issued and that these persons can only be vaccinated depending on the supply of vaccines being received by Region 1. (Leonardo Micua)

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