Take a bow, today; watch out for tomorrow

By March 30, 2021Editorial, News

PANGASINENSES have reason to thank their provincial government.

Being ranked the 13th from among 14 densely populated provinces in the country with the highest number of cases is a testimony to the successful, tireless efforts of both our medical frontliners and our provincial government. We have the Office of Governor, Provincial Health Office and the 14 provincial government-run hospitals, Police Provincial Office and the Provincial Inter-Agency Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases to thank for.

But let’s brace for the anticipated response of the national government to our provincial government’s successful campaign – Pangasinan will likely have lower priority for vaccines because COVID cases here are much lower than others.

The evident initial success of the provincial government is proof that Pangasinan can beat the pandemic if our provincial government continues to make its officials accountable for their missions and responsibilities. And, things can still go wrong overnight if the same officials decide to relax, step back with the illusion that everything about the pandemic is fully under control.

This pandemic can be never by controlled by the same responses over a short period. Our government executives must continue to be one step ahead in the management of the pandemic given learnings from other countries and provinces in the country.

Our provincial government must not lose sight of the fact that the weak link lies in the enforcement of the minimum health and distance protocols in the barangays. Once that   weakens at any point, all other efforts will quickly collapse.

But yes, let’s give our frontliners and our provincial government the credit due them.

Nine mayors

WHAT’S happening, guys? What’s wrong with the nine mayors getting vaccinated ahead of others?  They took a shortcut, as in jumping over the line? No, not at all. The scheduled vaccine recipients didn’t show up, giving some of the mayors an opening to become substitute vaccinees.  One brand of vaccine also suitable for seniors, when opened, is good for 10 people.  A Bohol mayor, 60, said he availed of the vial’s remainder to avoid wastage—in place of an absent recipient.  What’s wrong with that?  That’s heroism even.  The rest said they did it to inspire the undecided to get vaccinated. They broke protocol that says health workers are to be vaccinated first.  Yes.  But every rule has an exception.  When a situation warrants a paradigm shift, common sense brushes aside legal sense.  That undersecretary calling for Ombudsman sanctions versus the mayors was totally way out of line.  Grandstanding.

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